New Town

But when Satan yet learned about the true origin of the Romanovs, then brutally punished together with their entire race. That is why the later of Merit forces of Light and the Queen of Heaven (Virgin) last representatives of the Romanov throne, thanks to the efforts of the same Queen of Heaven (Mary), canonised. Restaurateur is likely to agree. Because in the future on a former city Eden would revive the capital of the World, whose title now is Svyatograd, the Queen of Heaven (Virgin) requests to Catherine ii in place of settlements Stone Broad found a city with the name of Lugansk, which he will wear until the end of the Apocalypse. Broad stone or how he was always called Kambrod as Lugansk, is not a random name. The word “kam” means “shaman” or “tell fortunes” (make magical effect), and “ford” – is “crossing”, in this case to a magic act, magic. Michael points out and then, when will this passage by typing in the xvii century England 20 gold coin called “Broad”.

The number 20 in this case points to the 20 th Arcanum Tarot or xxi century. A ferry, of course, committed human consciousness in the information field of consciousness of the universe through the so-called “Holy Gate” (49 gates leading into other worlds and to the Plan of Creation), a symbolic place which is the former city of Eden. New Town following the directions of Catherine ii was named Lugansk, as it were because of leaking near the river Lugan, but in reality – in honor of Lugh, the god of the sun, which once enlivened the universe and was one of the most revered gods of the state Angouleme..