New York

But Ellen refused this offer outrageous and said that for them it would be to give a matter of course something found, without expecting a reward for it. The young man stood in the background and Ellen whispered to something, which she repeated with a smile on your face towards me. She said I could invite the two on a mug of beer, we’d call it even. Said and done. We went over the Theresienwiese and searched for a marquee, which could accommodate more guests and host. (Not to be confused with Rudy Giuliani!). My friend Nina and Melli were my attendants in the evening and had to join because of me many mood swings.

First frivolous and full ELAN, then, grieved after loss of the chain, and unfortunate and now again bright and good spirits. As we entered the tent it was noisy and full to bursting. We joined in the wild Geschunkel, and loomed the first and not the last measure of the evening a short time later. In the Boozed we got to know everyone better. A small stitch put to me seeing how naturally and effortlessly Ellen and Tony together went to, because I have more honest way confess that right off the bat was more than sympathetic me Tony. When I opened the two but then, that they Siblings are, my heart made a small leap of joy. My first tentative overtures have been met by Tony in the course of the evening-happy way.

We got along right off the bat so well that we never broke down last year over the contact and we have arranged for this year’s Festival. After this year has passed so painfully slow, it is time, with me a little souvenir from me especially Tony to New York. Because I know that Tony wears no jewelry at all, I give with a duplicate of my chain occupied with Rhinestones. Maybe you can see this as a sign, that our encounter was not just a coincidence, but maybe even fate.