, It is very certain when one comments that a dangerous beach if it is not known, due to the current forts and the rocks is considered that nest in the zone of bath of the sea, separating as a natural border the beach of the Peitas; although that does not drive away to the assiduous sufistas to this beach. For many years back I am called on myself to enjoy it, when they were still not been useful like tourism, simply from Leon ones were what they took advantage of but and they maintained it a virginity natural of its landscape nonaltered by the modernismo. It was characterized by to be little inhabited and one could enjoy it widely. Their waves impressive, are shaken, good to surfiar, but also dangerous if it abuses them, by the strong currents who occur, own of the Pacific, nevertheless, to bathe in them he is something extraordinary, generate joy sensations that cause that one takes advantage of its time, feeling the immensity and energy of that sea that grants it to us. Contact information is here: Danny Meyer. As some have written, to her they familiarly go to eat fish to the chopped garlic and to enjoy a good rum cane flower, typical drink of the Nicaraguans. Definitively to pass a dusk in those beaches is something wonderful by the landscape that appears and as some indicate is incomparable a chromatic and natural spectacle: the sun, in a matter of minutes, sinks under the sea and it dyes of colors oranges and dwelled, letting to the Island of Juan Deer (protected area natural to that it is possible to be acceded in boat) like special companion to enjoy at night in the beach. Of course, when being these beaches are due to enjoy what also it offers the one of the Peitas that stops that then totally virgin era and it was enjoyed wonderfully mainly because it offers different waves in a beach from more than 8 kilometers in length that has waves all along. It is said that in the present time, many surfistas return enchanted by the force of the waves of some points, whereas others relax in small waves when the sun falls with smoothness. The town of the Peitas is charming, a town of fishermen who for very little surfear era to only lower a wave, without breaking or tricks of any type.