Notre Dame

There was a painting that depicted the coming of the Holy Spirit. On the one hand, drew my attention to its close resemblance to the seal of the Knights Templars of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion. Furthermore, the central figure representing Magdalena surrounded by the apostles, as the Holy Spirit as a dove descending upon them. (See picture on the website of the author) Images for: Monasterio de Oia (Pontevedra), Altarpiece of Mary Magdalene with the apostles and Templar Seal of the Abbey of Notre Dame du Mont Sion Very near where I lived I discovered another significant element. Official site: NY Museums. It was the Monastery of Santes Creus Reial, belonging to the Cistercian Order, situated in Aiguamurcia, Alt Camp, Province Tarragona.

Apart from the obvious artistic quality of the different styles represented in the monastic church, attracted my attention one of the two shrines arranged on the sides of the temple, near the main entrance door. This chapel, called St. John the Evangelist, I was in store for big and pleasant surprises since, in the central image of the altarpiece, the figure of a San Juan Evangelista markedly feminine looking, with long, curly red hair, lip color fleshy and sensual crimson and holding a cup or Grail with his left hand to chest height. (See picture on the website of the author) Images: JUAN EVANGELISTA Note the red color of hair As I got closer and carefully watching the show, done in polychrome wood and painted in oil, I discovered that there were seven additional icons on the bottom of it and to watch carefully, I saw that reproduced several biblical passages about Jesus and Mary Magdalene.