Several years I was teacher at the National University of Trujillo, as Professor of Gynecology-in the square of Dr. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out McDonalds. Felix Guillen Araoz-(remembered Professor and friend), but also was Assistant physician of the Social insurance in Albrecht, where should be at 8 am and also had quite a few patients in the ultrasound Center and how much were quiet until 10.30 amthen they were already restless and claimed, so he had to juggle in order to fulfill all my obligations, so I put in accordance with my students and we began classes at 6 am with one or two Caesarean sections in the maternity of hope, the anesthesiologist was Arturo who should also be at 8 am at the Hospital Regional Docenteto this end I picked up my friend Arturo’s home at 5,30 am students gather them in Mansiche at 5.45 am, and already in maternity waiting us with the patient in room list operations, with serum, washed, because they were his patients and anyone them received is for operations because they do not they had operators, it was with one another! nothing more Arturo came put him the spinal and in 35 minutes was finished quickly entered the next patient and at the same speed we did the second c-section and 7.45 a.m., we started back to Trujillo, at 8 am my friend stood in the regional and I came to the Hospital of Albrecht with students, just attended or operated and at 10.15 amHe came out of the same students were free and I would go to the ultrasound Center Natalie and that routine 2 did or 3 times a week several students are encouraged to become gynecologists, stimulated by this maelstrom inside them which I remember is Armando Fong Lei, because I always wanted to help me and in fact did and also helped wellconsidering that he was a student, also helped the doctors of motherhood, including Amaro Bocanegra and to a lesser extent Baltazar walls. This maelstrom, leaves hung on the facade of the life and the University, the imagination academic obligations health care and teaching, several of these students are now prominent surgeons, what tests and approves the first classes that some voices criticized.. h as these.