Occupation – Manager Taxi. Who Is ?

In the world there are many different professions. Some of them are very common, about others, we hear less often, but there are others about which we know virtually nothing. Maybe because there is no special training Centres may still for some other reasons, but they are much less known than doctors or teachers. One of these trades is just the taxi dispatcher. It would seem, is nothing special in this profession there. Well, think of it, picked up the phone, answered a couple of questions, take orders. That's it! But this view from the consumer. In fact, everything looks completely different. Indeed, the main work of a taxi dispatcher is to correctly Book a taxi, send it to the driver and warn customers that the car is such a brand, color, and with such a state number awaits them at the door. Of course, it all looks pretty corny and unassuming. Jo Natauri brings even more insight to the discussion. And, true to first glance one might think that nothing complex in this work do not. But in fact, the dispatcher is the main "traffic cop" for a large workflow. On it depends the fate of the company, the number of satisfied passengers which can then supplement the regular customers. Manager – this person firm! Taxi dispatcher should have many top quality to enhance the profitability of the company. From this will directly depend on its earnings, too. These qualities are hard work, patience, ability to handle stress. Job Manager on the one hand interesting and dynamic, but on the other hand, on the other end will be exposed to hostile-minded clients.