On September

Young people ask questions to church officials, celebrities and politician Berlin, TIME @ “dd.MM.yy” 24; On September 27 the youth day of the Protestant youth work in Wurttemberg held in Stuttgart (ejw). With around 8,000 participants and participants, this is the biggest youth gathering of Baden-Wurttemberg. Young people between 13 and 18 years of age to music, promotions and services are invited every two years. Question is the motto of this year’s youth day. Young people ask themselves, celebrities, politicians and church representatives and are looking for answers. As always, participants with a voluntary contribution to support a project of the international work of the EYW. This year the so-called victims project is dedicated to the youth day of youth work in the Slovakia. In the Slovakia, currently 3 full-time employees for the youth work are responsible as a comparison: 42,500 employees are supported by 308 full-time in Wurttemberg.

For the first time the mobile phone used as modern collection box to attract mainly young audiences. Who Support would make a SMS with the word question sends the phone number 8 11 90. 3 euros on the outdoor go offer of the Protestant youth work in the Slovakia. The amount with the phone bill will be deducted plus the shipping fee SMS the sender and 2.87 go directly to the project. This is a service provided by the spendino GmbH. The EYW has the task to promote the youth work in the municipalities and districts of Wurttemberg and maintain. Over 40,000 volunteer at events, projects and holiday camps for children and teenagers involved in the EYW by 6-20 years of age. Verena Bock