The 7x7invest AG, which provides alternative concepts of the Kaptitalanlage in tangible assets, institutional, commercial, and private investors involved in the startup company Ordermed, an online platform, the pharmacies with you in networking is the future entrepreneurs Markus Bonig and Andreas Mankel share this conviction. Backe founded the startup company Ordermed 2011: an online platform, networked pharmacies with their customers and doctors. Mankel founded seven years ago 7 x 7 Group, which offers alternative concepts, institutional, commercial, and private investors to invest their capital in property and businesses. The Ordermed GmbH, involved the 7x7invest AG belongs now to latter. Live in Germany is 20 million chronically ill, which need millions every day five or more drugs per day. The way to typically several doctors, the pickup of five or more recipes for the standard drugs, then the way to the pharmacy all this is actually no longer necessary. Because services such as Ordermed put the patient in a position both to order the recipes as well as the medication via an app or a Web page’s physician and pharmacist, and home delivery. “” This is a big relief for chronically ill and care services: I would like to help prevent the accidental loss of leading a self-determined life at the age “, the Diplom Kaufmann Markus Bonig, explains the themselves as social entrepreneurs” referred to.

Andreas Mankel met as he is with the values entrepreneurs”, it was only a matter of time until he decided to take a part. This was sealed in Hamburg now beginning June contract. Christopher Lord, CEO of 7x7invest AG, confirmed the decision: with Ordermed, we have found a company that fits perfectly to our investment objectives. It contributes to a sustainable medical care with his concept and offers a practical added value, so all participating pharmacies, doctors and especially the patients both in the region and in all of Germany.” The 7x7invest AG is an asset management invested in productive assets.