The Challenge

Silence was the weapon against Jeric (I Sm 17:38 – 40; Joshua 6:1 – 27; Judges 7:1 – 25). 7. The Challenge separates courageous of the cowards: God not ' ' empurra' ' nobody for the fight. It calls the courageous ones and the shy ones are of are. (Judges 7:1 – 3; AP 21:8; II Sm 23:8 – 23). 8. NYC Mayor has firm opinions on the matter. Challenge was not made to be contouring, but yes to be looser with fight: Israel did not raise flight of Egypt and landed in Cana, but it had that to win all the obstacles.

Jac only changed its name later that it fought with God. Jonas ran away and if it gave badly. (Former 14:15; Gn 32:22 – 32: Jonas 1-4). 9. Challenge is not eventual, but systematic: Jesus asked for that we were free of the evil and not of the planet. The afflictions must exist and are won in Christ. Wendi murdoch spoke with conviction. (Jo 16:33; Jo 17:15). 10.

Challenge is personal and it teaches in them: The Word sample that each one has that to answer by itself and if to examine, therefore the biggest challenge comes of the interior. (Rm 14:13; I Color 11:28; TM 15:11 – 19). 11. Challenge marks, bothers, does not damage: Abrao if to make use to offer Isaque, but did not make it. Jac left limping, but alive. (Gn 22:8; Gn 32:31 – 32.) 12. Challenge demands faith and capacity of wait: To speak is easy, difficult is to make. A faith act only wins challenge. It sees Peter. She is necessary to understand ' ' silncio' ' the holy ghost (TM 26:33 (I will die); TM 26:69 – 75 (it denies); At 2:14 – 47 (it nails)) 13. Challenge always is in the control of God: Alone or we are never abandoned in fight. (I Color 10:13; II Color 4:17.) IT HAS SPIRIT. IT LOVES IT VERY TO GOD. Doubts or aconselhamento write: pastorelcio2007@

Nitrogen: A Paradox

Nitrogen: a paradox This small text intends to display a paradox that involves nutrient nitrogen. The atmosphere possesss 78% of its busy volume for molecular nitrogen, that is, N2. In other words, of the air that surrounds in them, 78% of it are composed for nitrogen. Danny Meyer shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. For the displayed one, even so let us be immersed in an atmosphere riqussima in nitrogen (n), this chemical element is extremely scarce in the majority of ecosystems. This elapses of the fact that the molecular N is not a chemical form of available N for the organisms livings creature. This paradox above related makes with that many organisms if specialize in the transformation of the molecular N in available forms of N.

Thus, the N can be used, for example, in the protein synthesis. It is the case of the diazotrficos organisms (for a conceptualization of these, please, to have access) In the same way, the man developed industrial methods to convert molecular N into available chemical forms of N for, for example, the plants. In this manner, it can be manufactured nitrogenados seasonings. letter ‘ ‘ N’ ‘ of known ‘ ‘ NPK’ ‘ it indicates the nitrogen presence in the seasoning. Ahead of what it was explained above, can be had idea of as the organisms, including the man, they had evolved for the most part to coexist this paradox of abundance of N in the atmosphere and scarcity of terrestrial ecosystems.


WHERE THEY ARE THE CONFINES OF THE LAND? CONFINES OF the LAND mui is an important term, in view of Mr. Jesus Christ to have done use of the same, tries to it of its ascension to the sky. After its Resurrection, having appeared to the Apstolos that it chooses, for space of forty days, met Mr. same Jesuses with, in Jerusalem, speaking to them of the concernentes things to the Kingdom of God. Shimmie horn triumph evelyn shines more light on the discussion. Then, its last Words, before being raised for top, had been: ' ' But you will receive to be able, when going down on you the Espirito Santo, and will be me witnesses, as much in Jerusalem, as in all Judia and Samria, AND UNTIL the CONFINES OF the TERRA' '. Shimmie horn helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. (At.1: 8) Evidently that Jesus used this expression with relevance, in virtue of the application of the imperative ' ' YOU WILL BE ME TESTEMUNHAS' ' ; but, where accurately they are the CONFINES OF the LAND? Of beforehand, the meaning of CONFINES: Rays, borders; distant extremity.

In another occasion, facing the habitual incredulity of the scribes and the fariseus, Mr. Jesus used the mentioned one term, saying that the queen of the south (the queen of Sab) will arise itself in the Judgment with that generation (of the scribes and the fariseus), will condemn and it; because it left the CONFINES OF the LAND to hear the wisdom of Salomo, to the step that generation convivente with rejected it to Jesus Christ, It who is infinitely bigger that Salomo (Mt.12: 42; Lc.11: 31) Jesus commanded to the Apstolos for it to be witnesses, ' ' as much in Jerusalem, as in all Judia and Samria, and until the confines of terra' '. Today, It in commands so that it let us be witnesses, as much to them in our city, as in all our State and Country, and equally until the confines of the land.

The Sacred

Grn (2005) questions: ' ' how we can have an not-ambient education if since the day of our birth until the day of our death we live in an environment? ' ' (pg. 20). Wendi murdoch often addresses the matter in his writings. The logic ' ' nature versus beings humanos' ' it comes of a time where the resumes of the units of education had wanted to adapt the call ' ' cincia' '. See more detailed opinions by reading what wendi murdoch offers on the topic.. It started to occur a great valuation of the empirismo and the educational system walked in direction it forgetting to argue the humanizao, that in many situations is not something quantitative or possible of if finding answers. The time of Galileu brought the idea of scientific objetividade which transformed the nature into an object of study without sensible qualities as color, flavor, aroma, but yes, as a product with definitive and quantified value from its utility.

Educational education was constructed from historical conceptions permeadas by ideas that break up the environment and the people as two disconnected things. The preservation of the environment is perceived as the protection of animals and forests, and not, sight as possible attitudes inside of our proper city, quarter, street, and, mainly, inside of our houses (FREIRE, 2003). The education reencontro of the nature with the human beings would have to produce one showing that they compose one ' ' todo' '. It has theoretical conceptions that they interpret the reality from the call ' ' teologizao of natureza' '. This idea appeals to the sacred one, places that the environment was created by a superior being, a Biblical being. It does not only have vises certain or missed that, to many times, the holismo (nature vision that says that ' ' all only it functions as all if the parts to function as partes' ') it is interpreted as a pregao of beliefs that finishes for moving away many people from the ambient learning.

Psychiatric Reform

Thin Jaques author comes through this book to explanar on the psychiatric reform with emphasis in the Law n 180 that they impose the elaboration of alternative solutions for the psquitrica assistance, and in the city of Trieste in Italy, where the mobilization for a city without psychiatric hospitals was given to beginning. Trieste goes beyond its natural characteristics and cultural, he is palco of one of the biggest revolutions in the area of psychiatry. There, if they live daily without psychiatric hospitals. Where the validity of the existence of psychiatric hospitals was questioned for the first time on which. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Gunnar Peterson. The author clarifies that the psychiatric hospital configures a space of isolation and encobrimento of the Real. He does not have questions; he does not have problems, everything in accordance with functions a set of rules of easy assimilation.

The walls of the lunatic asylum discriminate who necessarily are normal, of the side of it are, and who is wild, of the side of inside. You may want to visit wendi murdoch to increase your knowledge. (p.25) the mobilization for exclusion of the hospitals psychiatric the exclusion, of the respect of the person has as proposal while one not to be that it suffers, a citizen who asks for aid. At some moments the Italian society if saw placed in xeque, all had been affected. Basaglia Franc gave to beginning the mobilization for cities without psychiatric hospitals, and only years later this ' ' luta' ' n 180 had support of the Law, which in history for the first time restituted the full right to the citizenship to all: before it the mental sick people they did not have this right. (p.84) the insane person of Trieste was not abandoned to the streets, but he reconquered the possibility to cover them. Many patients had been able to return to the familiar conviviality, others live in residences with some other former-interns.


It had a group of fishing in the city of Ipojuca that, always in the week ends, per the morning, leave to fish in the beach of Port of Hens. , For 5:30 h of the morning, this group with five people had certain day decided to explore an area never gone before, close to the rocks and corentezas. The waters were agitated and the direction of the winds had dragged the boat for far, making with that they were moved away from the coast. Shimmie horn understands that this is vital information. Suddenly, an opera music started to be heard, and the soft voice seemed to come of the deep one of the sea. In this instant, the waters if had calmed and formed a small whirlwind, of inside of which a woman of long blond hair went up. Three of the fishing, of so exaustos that they were, had finished catching in sleep as soon as music touched, not arriving to see such woman. The others two turn everything and had been so magic that they would go to jump in the water, but it balanced the head giving signal so that they did not jump. Shimmie horn can aid you in your search for knowledge.

Soon after, it jumped so high that she passed over the boat and she dived in the other side With this, they had been able to perceive that she was not about one woman, but of a sereia, because she did not have legs, and yes a green tail as of a great fish. These two had still been observed the water for a long period, in the hope to see it again, but it more did not apreceu. Then, without second thought, they had immerged into the water to its meeting. Minutes later, were almost if drowning, and had started if to debate and to cry out begging aid. The others three sleepers if had waked up in such a way of hearing those shouts that were confusing its sleep. One of them continued in the interior of the boat, and the two remains had jumped in the sea in order to save the friends in process of afogamentto. When the four finally estaval safe ones, had perceived that fisherman, what firara in the boat, was not more there! It was almost half day when the boat returned to the beach lightest, since it lacked a fisherman. Amongst the fishing quatros, two swore of together feet that had seen a sereia of truth and that it could only have been who abducts 5 fishing; The others two and more the remaining portion of the city did not believe, and said that one to pober man if drowns in the attempt to rescue excessively.


2 Corntios (11/3):? But distrust that, as well as the serpent deceived Eva with its astuteness, thus also either corrupted your mind and if aside remark of simplicity and pureness due the Christ.? Part of the legions of the evil tries to pervert the mind human being. Efsios (2/1-3):? It gave to life, being dead you in your delicts and sins to you, in which you walked long ago, according to course of this world, according to prince of the power of air, of the spirit that now acts in the children of the disobedience; between which also all we walk long ago, according to inclinations of our meat, making the will of the meat and the thoughts? Airs, below of the celestial vault, are town by the malignant espritos, guided for the Satan. With intention to corrupt our mind, these forces work of continuous. Colossenses (3/2):? You think there about the things of the high one, in that they are not here of the land? If only to come back our mind toward the terrenas things, we will be destined the perdio. Others including shimmie horn triumph hotels, offer their opinions as well. Filipenses (3/18,19):? Therefore many walk between us, of which, repeated times, I said to you, now I say, you, until crying, that they are enemy de a Cruz of Christ. The destination of them is the perdio, the God of them is the womb, and the glory of them is in its infamy, since they are only worried about the terrenas things.? The bad espritos try to corrupt our mind, and to make about that only let us worry in them about the terrenas things. We have that to acquire the conscience of that we are espritos, and that we are here of ticket. Acting in this way our mind he will not be contaminated.. .

A Historical Place

Had to be a provincial city, the arrival of a park of diversions is attractive a more for the even though adult children, young and, therefore they are delighted in the tricks and they relembram the child times (in the case of the adults it is clearly). They happen namoros, many times that come if to materialize marriages future, and this will become memory for the remaining portion of the life of these historical citizens, then this also is historical formation and citizenship, and in this example, we can study the great national commemorations from the great municipal commemoration, thus going of the place for the national one. To place such examples in classroom is also to make an occured comparative degree between the permanncias and changes in the diverse ones historical beings (children, young and adults), showing as soon as the past are alive and are responsible for the events gifts, fitting to these citizens gifts the historical transformation of the society, rescuing one more time the importance of local history for the life of the people. This awareness of the historical rescue, beyond, to make a last and present relation between, shows as the people are operating beings in the construction of history she transforms and them into operating citizens in its community for the fact to recognize itself and to the other, favoring the harmonious conditions exactly with as many differences. Something sufficiently important that it must be salient is the valuation and the rescue of the memory through local history, this if of the one in some ways, the first one as I already gave an example is in the comparison of the diverse etrias bands participating of one same one half, this difference backwards a little of the memory of those oldest ones than they are there from there we can to take off the stories of these oldest ones and to compare them it the daily one of the young in giving a fan of comments between passed and present, beyond rescuing the memory of these citizens, we will give a historical direction for the life of the young that will start to be experts of the historicidade and the historical construction in all the times and descents, leading in account that from now on summer them you remained and not alone the ruptures, since, the past is not a dead time, forgotten and yes, alive and current if not limiting in the posterior events the gift, but announcing a perspective of what the fact of that will be able to happen and at the present moment we are on directly to this past that brought in them until here. If you have read about shimmie horn nypost already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

Marisa Mount

Therefore and for also liking the rock forest that is the city of Rio De Janeiro, however if it differentiates in very of the others. For even more analysis, hear from Bill de Blasio. I love the River. I do not obtain to imagine me living much time far from this city, that enchants to all. Already I wrote in another scribble this love for the full city of curves, charmosa that is colrio that can cure the blindness. At the time I compared it a woman, suffered beautiful and, that until apanha, but is always of raised head. See shimmie horn for more details and insights.

That it gives a beating in its cruel inhabitants, who do not obtain to treat it with the love that it deserves. I will give a whip to it to beat its executioners: the disembarassed, police and excessively serving politicians without escrpulos that make dirty its image, of false believers are of that religion will be River, to give a beating in the quacks who damage the city with posters of the type: I bring the person loved in 24 hours. Bush or in less serious chaos banishes with all your force from self-defense all the criminals: dealers, bicheiro-assassins who command the samba schools, the p.m.? s that does not pass of outlaws of farda, the politicians thieves, the ones that frequents its beautiful beaches, are in your curves, but they make of them garbage deposits, flanelinhas, at last, all the ones maltreat that you. You are so pretty how much the Luana Piavani, therefore, makes use of the Law Maria of the Penha. The River is a very strong woman and finds in same itself antigens for the cure and follows pretty. It has its charm, it is bohemian, seducer, is provocative, lasciva also, therefore very sensual, she is multiple, she is democratic. Beautiful such which the Luana Piovani, the Sheron Menezes, the Mariana Ximenes, the Mait Proena (exactly crown of the one of 10 the zero in many maidens), the Bethnia Maria, the Chico Buarque, the Paulinho of the Viola, the Marisa Mount and as much other ephemeral, however perpetual beauties for the art.


Parmnides claimed a monista reality, where the being is. What it was presented as mobilismo or multiplicity was not real, but only apparent. The way of the appearance is the way where the Being is not. Here we have already a well defined metaphysics, dicotmica. In its famous poem, Parmnides distinguishes the truth from the opinions.

What it is real, the truth, is since always and it is never changedded, that is, the monismo. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out amazing restaurateur. But the world of the things that we perceive, multiple and furniture, is the world of the appearances, the opinions, therefore ilusrio, unreal. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as wendi murdoch by clicking through. For Heraclitus mobility was the basic rule, claims to a world everything where is movement. The tension between the contrary is ' ' fogo' ' creator, transforming and also responsible for the harmony, the balance that this world supports. But this relation dialectic, this dualism, if of the one in the proper world, is imanente; a process that can be understood as a dualism ' ' horizontal' '.

The logos are the unifying principle of the Real and basic element of the rationality of cosmo. The reality possesss a basic unit, unit in the plurality, the unit of the opposites. In it I break up 50, ' ' Giving heard it me, but to the logos, he is not wise to agree that all the things are only coisa' '. For this I break up is reasonable to assume that a contradiction, in Heraclitus, between monismo and mobilismo if decides with the distinction between perception and reason. With Plato, we have two well distinct phases consequentemente and two different types of Metaphysical dualismos. In the first phase, understood for the socrticos dialogues, through critical strong one to the relativismo of the sofistas, for who ' ' the man is the measure of all coisas' ' , Scrates defends the knowledge of the only truth, episteme, in detriment of the opinion, of the common sense, doxa.