Glued Laminated Timber

Question about dried timber and timber re-open the minds of natural moisture content of architects and builders of wooden houses more than a dozen years. Spores themselves hoarse, a lot of different reasons, references to the world's leading experts in derevovedeniya of more than one year will be different sides of intransigence. Each producer praised the material from which he builds houses, turning all the unhealthy competition in the discussions on the brink of a foul, setting the stage potential customer in a remote corner of which he himself is hard to escape. Let's try to understand the situation, analyzing it from the beginning. To begin with, the traditions of wooden architecture suggest that the log should dry naturally in the blockhouse. In this case we have the most robust design with optimum thermal characteristics.

Our ancestors built the wooden house only natural moisture content of wood, allowing it to dry for years and take the natural shape gradually, year after year, without violating any way of its physical and mechanical properties. However, progress is not in place. To speed up the construction time and reduce cracking, the wood began to forcibly dry the mechanically. Suppliers of dry logs do not use atmospheric drying. In the process of forced drying is impact on crude wood steam, hot dry or humid air, high-frequency currents and other factors leading to the final result to reduce the content of free and bound water. In order not to engage in Populism quote from the textbook Wood (published by Moscow State Forest University, Moscow, 2001). written by the Honored Scientist of Russia Prof. Boris Naumovich Ugolev, Dr.

Technical Sciences, Academician of International Academy of Wood, an honorary member of the Academy of Natural Sciences. "… when the relevant modes, conducted a chamber drying timber provides the material, it is of equal value is obtained by atmospheric drying.

The Vertical Reality

Overcoming these difficulties, designers and test pilots gradually moved forward and, in September 1961, first made the transition from the regime of evaporation in horizontal flight mode and back again. The tests were successful, and the pilots take off compared plane with a smooth glide on the ice surface. The most fully the remarkable quality of the aircraft revealed during tests of short takeoff and landing. But wrong to assume that the entire process of testing and improve the prototype took place smoothly and without hassles. The most significant incidents include the loss of the second prototype, tail number XP836 and an emergency landing of the first prototype at the Paris XP831 Air Show in 1963. In both accidents the aircraft was piloted by Bill Bedford, who managed to survive and escape serious injury. But these accidents can be considered the price that had to pay for technological progress and its embodied in new machines.

Many of the lessons learned from testing the prototype Hawker P.1127, then were taken into account in the development of more advanced aircraft Kestrel, which has successfully tested joint aviation group, which united Britain, Germany and the United States, 1964-1965. Finally, in February 1965, based on the results of successful tests of prototypes and positive feedback from experts, UK Ministry of Defence has placed its first order for batch of aircraft with vertical takeoff and landing. This aircraft combines the best qualities of the prototype, had a low price and highest level of security, and became known around the world called Harrier. C photographs and descriptions of aircraft and the Hawker P.1127 Harrier can be found at “Pie in the sky.” References: Braybrook, Roy. Harrier: The Vertical Reality.

Civil Code

Any extension to the dwelling house must be approved, approved the project. Otherwise, for this type of extension will have no right of ownership, which means that an addition can neither sell nor give nor bequeath. In addition, it can even be demolished if the court rules, and the demolition will be at the expense of the citizen. Because to do whatever is necessary to 'legalize' this building. Any extension to the house should be in within the rules and regulations stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

Building additions must be in compliance with the 'Rules of the contents of houses and house territories' on 17.05.2005, as well as the Civil Code and other government regulations. To obtain permission to build an extension to the house, you must submit to the local authority application for a permit to build an extension. By this statement impassable enclose the following documents: 1. Notarized: a copy of the certificate of ownership or lease agreement premises, a copy of the technical certificate, copies of birth certificates of minors owners apartment if it is privately owned. 2. onal similar source.

State Act on ownership of land. 3. If the apartment is not privatized, it is necessary certificate of registration of all persons living in apartment with the date of birth of each. 4. Written consent of the neighbors adjacent apartments. 5. Coordinated project of building such facilities. Requires a conceptual design and basic construction project, which developed on the basis of the approved preliminary design. Detailed documentation is also required, which is being developed on the basis of the approved project.

Parquet Lacquer

The most beautiful, elegant, environmentally friendly floor covering, of course, is a hardwood floor. Although to keep it in proper form, the problem troublesome. Despite this, more and more owners of private houses are inclined to this kind of coverage. For good content flooring it to properly pack, according to the requirements for laying parquet ottsiklevat and protect it from external influences. To do this, and you need to choose paint material High quality, because we save on lacquer shorten the life of flooring, in any case it will have an unsightly appearance. Now manufacturers offer two types of parquet lacquer water – this is acrylic and polyurethane. These components are basics of connecting lakes. Currently, there are compositions of these two types of varnishes.

Lucky for polyurethane have much endurance, ie, less susceptible to mechanical influences, but they are afraid of chemicals such as alcohol, thinner, acetone, and similar substances, which leave the stubborn stains. Acrylic-based varnishes are odorless and more environmentally friendly, do not change in color, but have poor wear resistance, with prolonged contact with water on the floor are white spots. An important quality of varnish, which must not be forgotten that the immutability of color flooring, paint must accentuate the wood structure. Also a good varnish must be resistant to fading under the flooring of sunlight and elastic, as under the influence of moisture and temperature of the floor is as if in motion and good varnish will remain unchanged. To provide a better coating of parquet lacquers used primers that are designed to prevent the natural oils from exotic woods and varnish penetration uluchaet parquet blocks. For use in the home would be the best acrylic lacquer in combination with polyurethane, it has all the advantages of one and other types of paint, reducing their weaknesses and can be used for any duty flooring. An example of such paint can be varnish Feidal Acryl Parket Moebel Lack. For more specific uses of parquet varnishes need to consult a specialist parquet companies, for example, Parquet-Hall, for this you need to provide information about a hardwood floor, operating conditions. You are successful acquisitions!

Refrigeration Storage

What are the different types of cold rooms? According to the purpose cold rooms are divided into the following types: Refrigeration Storage: These refrigerators are designed to store chilled or frozen products, storage of medicines, for ripening bananas, etc. The thickness of the insulation sandwich panels for these cameras is chosen in the range from 60 to 100 mm. Temperature conditions in the cells of this type support in the range from +14 C to – 25 C depending on the type of product. Refrigerated freezer: These refrigerators are designed to freeze the meat in half carcasses and packaged, whole fish or briquetted, various semis, ravioli, chebureks, vegetables and fruit, etc. Such cameras typically operate in cyclical mode with periodic loading and unloading of goods. The thickness of the insulation sandwich panels for these cameras is chosen ranging from 100 to 200 mm. Temperature regime, depending on the type of products and technologies supported by its freezing in the range of – 25 C to – 35 C.

Freezing time of production in these cells is from 3 to 24 hours. Cold rooms and freezers tunnels: These cold rooms (tunnels) are designed for heavy (shock) for 1-1.5 hours in the freezing air flow moving product through the pipeline within the chamber. Of What are going to cold storage? Enclosure cabinet – Collapsible design that is mounted at the installation site of the three-layer sandwich panels, enabling reliable products to keep the volume at certain temperature conditions.

Installation Of Wooden Window

Requirements for the installation of wooden windows installed in the project documentation for construction projects taking into account the adopted and draft versions of the execution units contiguity product to the walls, designed to set climatic and other loads. In the design and execution units contiguity of wooden windows must meet the following conditions: Closing the gaps between the mounting wooden windows and sloping wall openings structures should be around the perimeter of the window block tight, leak-proof, designed to withstand pressures from the outside climatic and environmental conditions inside buildings. Construction site wooden contiguity windows (including the location of a wooden box on the depth of the opening) to prevent the formation of cold bridges (thermal bridges) leading to the formation of condensation on the inside surfaces of window openings. The performance characteristics of structures host junction (resistance to heat, noise, air – and water permeability of wooden windows) to meet the requirements specified in building codes and rules. Vapor from the joint space should be less dense than the protection of wooden windows against the climate outside. The construction site must ensure contiguity of a reliable drainage of rain and oxen condensing surface. Not allowed the penetration of moisture inside the wall constructions and building. As the fasteners for the installation of wooden windows are used: building anchors (the preferred method of attachment); mounting screws, special mounting systems (eg, with adjustable feet) may not be used for fixing wooden window sealants, adhesives, penoutepliteley and construction nails. Wooden windows should be placed on a level.

The Pit

For a family of 2-3 people is enough to arrange a pit of 1.5 m3. It can be a square with sides of 1 m and a depth of 1.5 m. The walls of the pit is made of wood, brick or rubble, or concrete. The bottom of the sump has a bias toward the door. To the ground water did not penetrate dirt and into the pit – ground water, the walls and floor must be waterproof vygreba: plastered brick or concrete, well prokonopachennymi (if made of logs), and the outside walls and under the bottom of an earthen castle vygreba suit (the layer of compacted clay liquid without impurities) with a thickness of 20-30 cm from the sump must be done on the hood of 70-80 cm above roof toilet. The upper part of the cottage toilets are usually built of boards, tight-fitting to each other. The roof are covered with any roofing material on a solid crate. In one of the walls make the vent, which stud net.

Septic tanks are unacceptable if you plan to use feces. In this case, the most applicable, and simple hygienic latrine-type powders, toilet (it's the same "house dressing", which put an ordinary wooden toilet seat and lid, is located next to a container with peat.), in which dirt backfilled with dry peat dry earth, ashes, destroying odor. This toilet can be placed anywhere, block other buildings such as summer shower to give. The absence of the sump – the main structural feature powders-closet. Instead, you can use wooden or metal box or bucket. Box or a bucket placed under stool and dirt immediately fall asleep. Periodically emptied a bucket or box, putting a lot of compost pits (their depth may be 0.5-1 m).

Room cottage toilet may take the form of a tent, which is especially useful for broadened the basis of placement in boxes for storage of peat, sawdust, ashes. House-hut board structure does not require the production of load-bearing frame. The roof panel is made of planks lap top is closed metal or wooden hobby-horse. Above the door is left triangular transom for ventilation. To obtain valuable organic fertilizer in the economic area equipped with the compost heap. It lays the remains of food, kitchen waste, garbage, tops, leaves, weeds and other household garbage. Make a pit deeper than 50 cm of arbitrary size. Along the edges of her erect skirting height of 20-30 cm of boards or bricks. At the bottom is laid a layer of loose peat thickness of 10-15 cm, and the accumulation of debris 20-30 cm layer of peat and pour their land and abundantly watered fecal liquid. Compost occasionally shovel, adding superphosphate, phosphate flour, and an acid soil on the site – lime or wood ash. A year and a half, the contents of the compost pile can be used as fertilizer. On the compost heap can not pour soapy water. Not be allowed to compost pit to have access the fly. High temperature during ripening kills germs that makes compost in sanitary harmless. The compost is ready when it is impossible to distinguish some of its constituent parts.

Port Administration

The paranaense and Brazilian agronegcio has given constant demonstrations of when it contributed for the Brazilian economy, generating taxes, taxes, new jobs, new investments and he has not received the minimum reciprocity from the governments that until then had been responsible for the destinations of the Paran and Brazil. (*) Arab company goes to manage main North American ports: Baltimore, Miami, New Jersey, New Orles, New York and Filadlfica. In the country that one of the biggest volumes of maritime load movement withholds, the privatization of the ports already is a reality. That is, the governmental actions are being directed for what they had been always created: bureaucracy, to manage taxes and what the Constitution determines.

Less to become involved itself in what it generates much money Still in relation to the Port of Paranagu. They promise a terminal for tourist. A cradle especially constructed to receive ships destined to national and international tourism. If to analyze the possibility of a ship with 56.000 tons, 252 meters of length, 29 meters of width and with capacity for 2.100 tourists and a crew of 750 people, to bring alongside in Paranagu and the 1050 tourist, the half, to decide to visit the city and logical to lunch. Exists a restaurant capable to support this demand? A few days ago personage informed an interesting me that the maritime tourism in the paranaense coast is irreversible, that great ships would start to frequent the paranaenses ports and from them the passengers, would have the chance to visit Curitiba and Foz of the Iguau. Again we imagine the half of the passengers of the same ship -1050 – they disembark and they decide to go to the Curitiba of bus. 30 buses especially freighted for such would be necessary approximately.

Or still they decide to go to the Estuary of the Iguau for by airmail. They had imagined to accomodate 1050 passengers in the flights for Estuary of the Iguau? When it is said of ports is very important to know to distinguish Port directed toward Exportation and Importation and Port specialized in receiving tourist. Brazil still lacks of professionals specialized in Port Administration. It needs to review some concepts old that services of utmost importance for the Brazilian economy, must be of only exclusive governmental ability. Brazil needs an integrated plan of production of grains and proteins of animal origin (birds, swines and bovines) and liquid granaries (etanol and demogado oil), with the system of storage, improvement and industrialization, that in turn will have to be in accord with perfect and safe modal. Finally these productions to find its destination final: Maritime port with competitive prices, modern and safe logistic services and without corruption.

New York City Company

Describe your dream job dream job requirements are different. What's good for you may not be suitable for all other applicants. So, your task – to understand What you really are looking for, and decide what items to your wish list for a new job the most critical to you. After that you can develop and implement a plan to find a position that interests you. The worst way to find a dream job – it's just sit and wait until she finds you.

Creating a list of requirements for a dream job, more efficiently, will be to share your wishes for the two categories. The first list you strict requirements – such as company size, scope, operating functional scope of business (local or multinational company), management level, division, or the head office, etc. Location of the company – probably one of the the most stringent conditions, which is unlikely to change over time. Are you ready for your dream job to move to another region of the country or abroad? A commute to work across town, perhaps twice as increasing the time spent on the road? Think about it, because these factors are unlikely to change. Forming the best description of the work for you, try to focus on their best features. For example: 'I want engage in information systems, personnel management in an international company with a staff of 10 thousand people or more, active, aimed at the development team in the production of clothing in New York City, not far from the subway. .

Flight Costs

Note that just 10 years ago were his only options to take a very over-priced flight with a national carrier or alternatively sit on a train or bus on very long journeys. Example You want to fly from New York to Rome, Italy in the fall. Cost of flight is $ 575 via Spain with Iberia or $ 625 direct with Alitalia. However, can also fly the more competitive route to London for $ 400 and then book a return flight from London to Rome with Ryanair for the special offer price of $ 55. Total cost $ 455 plus free stopover in London, if desired.

Thus saving $ 170 or $ 120 off the cheapest direct and indirect scheduled flights, respectively. Please note that flights to London from North America come to Heathrow or Gatwick. The budget carriers generally operate out of London Luton or Stansted. Both are 1 hour north of the city and can be reached by bus or train. Expensive to stay in London? Yes, but Easyjet founder Stelios Haji-Iannou diversified into the hotel business and easy hotels chain offer small rooms in central London from only $ 35 per night if booked in advance. For the best prices on low-cost airlines should: Book as far in advance as possible.

As the plane filled with ticket price increases. Fly very early or very late in the day. Fly midweek, Tuesday and Wednesday is the day cheaper. Avoid Friday and Sunday evening as these can be expensive. Avoid flying just before holidays and to destinations holding major events, such as major football matches, as demand will be heavy. Dahlia Loeb takes a slightly different approach. Check budget airline websites regularly for special offers which can sometimes be “free” flights. Unfortunately, these are not really “free”, you have to pay taxes and fees vary for each airline. A warning about the low cost airlines.

Sometimes it will be cheaper than full service carriers, especially if booked at short notice. So make price comparisons. Also, check to what extent the airport to the center of the city. “Frankfurt” Hahn used by Ryanair is actually around 80 kilometers from Frankfurt. Well for a leisure trip but possibly inconvenient if you’re flying in fast business. You should always allow enough time for connections. Due to the low cost nature of the activity budget of the companies not hold your hand if there are delays or problems. However, most flights are usually scheduled. In summary, low-cost airlines in Europe will help you both to travel very cheaply and reach some of the most destinations outside so that Estonia and Slovakia, which could never have considered before. Fly like a millionaire! Secrets of low airfares, airline upgrades and cheap first class