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There were the back pain, but often quite often diarrhea, a somewhat constantly I needed stlf breathing when climbing stairs, new clothes, because everything was just too tight. And what I most remember, yes I had to tie the laces already difficulty stooping to me and many other smaller food-related complaints. Yes, I had lived well and well earned, then you can treat yourself a lot to stop. But now my mind was clear, I need to change something if I wanted to be healthy with 50 or 60 years. First, I needed information and began to read everything about nutrition and of course exercise and sports. But I quickly realized that you can have absolutely no success with the usual diets from magazines or other promises.

So I started with a home bike to have more movement and I wrote once on what I actually to eat everything on the day. If you are looking for good information also found. However this is taking his time. But at the next doctor visit to the Nachkontolle after only 6 weeks I got a praise: “what you have done? Their values are already materialize better after such a short time. Enormously what you can create, if it wants to seriously help.” This gave me incentive, I not only read, but I started to study. I studied everything on the subject of healthy eating and became the health coach. I do today, by the way, because there is again still something new in this direction.

I had built up already a correct library. I attended workshops, seminars, changed my diet slowly but surely piece by piece and began training last even as wild herbal expert. The bottom line result is that actually 150 years to be old, I mean healthy old and frail not vegetate away. But you must consistently change the diet to build among other things also many herbs and unprocessed tropical fruits on the life time. It’s not that easy but if you have the right information and knowledge you can not anything else. I would like to this knowledge about this blog seriously interested disclose, as a thank you I found my way. Now I am a vegetarian 53 year old, weighing just 68kg, do regular sport and feel really fighting fit and am in better shape than with 40. And I want to continue now here this life in the paradise Philippines, with many herbs and the many delicious tropical fruits that here the best tyres due to the ideal climate. Soon, I will make the appeal also my hobby and export this wonderful exotic fruits of the paradise of the Philippines to Germany. Or as you would say: “FruitsfromParadise”, because here, English is the main language in contrast to the other Asian countries. I look forward to future articles and would be glad if my recommendations will help you further. If you subscribe to my list, right above here in the blog, I will give you free and very interesting nutritional information, you sure have not received in this form to make even your diet and your life, but please only if you the also seriously? Make your decision now. With sunny regards from the Philippines Gerhard Menje Cebu City Philippines