Port Administration

The paranaense and Brazilian agronegcio has given constant demonstrations of when it contributed for the Brazilian economy, generating taxes, taxes, new jobs, new investments and he has not received the minimum reciprocity from the governments that until then had been responsible for the destinations of the Paran and Brazil. (*) Arab company goes to manage main North American ports: Baltimore, Miami, New Jersey, New Orles, New York and Filadlfica. In the country that one of the biggest volumes of maritime load movement withholds, the privatization of the ports already is a reality. That is, the governmental actions are being directed for what they had been always created: bureaucracy, to manage taxes and what the Constitution determines.

Less to become involved itself in what it generates much money Still in relation to the Port of Paranagu. They promise a terminal for tourist. A cradle especially constructed to receive ships destined to national and international tourism. If to analyze the possibility of a ship with 56.000 tons, 252 meters of length, 29 meters of width and with capacity for 2.100 tourists and a crew of 750 people, to bring alongside in Paranagu and the 1050 tourist, the half, to decide to visit the city and logical to lunch. Exists a restaurant capable to support this demand? A few days ago personage informed an interesting me that the maritime tourism in the paranaense coast is irreversible, that great ships would start to frequent the paranaenses ports and from them the passengers, would have the chance to visit Curitiba and Foz of the Iguau. Again we imagine the half of the passengers of the same ship -1050 – they disembark and they decide to go to the Curitiba of bus. 30 buses especially freighted for such would be necessary approximately.

Or still they decide to go to the Estuary of the Iguau for by airmail. They had imagined to accomodate 1050 passengers in the flights for Estuary of the Iguau? When it is said of ports is very important to know to distinguish Port directed toward Exportation and Importation and Port specialized in receiving tourist. Brazil still lacks of professionals specialized in Port Administration. It needs to review some concepts old that services of utmost importance for the Brazilian economy, must be of only exclusive governmental ability. Brazil needs an integrated plan of production of grains and proteins of animal origin (birds, swines and bovines) and liquid granaries (etanol and demogado oil), with the system of storage, improvement and industrialization, that in turn will have to be in accord with perfect and safe modal. Finally these productions to find its destination final: Maritime port with competitive prices, modern and safe logistic services and without corruption.