Presentation Of The Book: You Hear The Love? It Sounds Like Music

Presentation of the book: You hear the love? She sounds as music writer Jutta Schutz in this novel with great wit and charm, what can happen if a woman loves two men. Jutta Schutz describes the problems of a 40 year old woman sympathetic and believable. And although it is a fictional story, it is so close to reality. The book captivates the reader from the first to the last page and you will feel with the protagonist. This book combines romance, affection, and heartache. However, there are also fun places where you are can resist laughing. A truly diverse and entertaining book and therefore one has to classify simply especially worth reading it under the predicate.

Short description of Cora, 40 years old, divorced and owner of a small architecture firm rejoins her divorce Achim after long years. He makes a marriage proposal to her, but she is even simultaneously falls in love with a pilot. Others who may share this opinion include Danny Meyer. A long time can not choose between two men and flees to New York where they a large hotel should refurbish. Cora is just before her 40th birthday, she would have gladly forgotten because of the many work with their company. She is in high demand among its customers as interior designer and she adjusts her friend Regina to assist. You wont her ex-husband Harald, the lawyer is, a very good relationship.

As she takes on the job of a company, it meets once again their divorce Achim. Their love inflamed again, but shadowed by Achims wife Michelle. Although Achim lives separately from his wife, they told that she would have a child by him. Achim asserts Cora but to be sterilized for 3 years. In this emotional chaos, she receives an offer to redesign a big hotel in New York by her uncle Alfred. Shortly she flies to America and is overwhelmed by this huge city. Uncle Alfred would like the furniture for his hotel in Germany and so is Cora Hans, the Carpenter to New York. Which tells you the latest gossip from the Tennis Club, that wife Achims a child by Uwe would get. Cora is upset about her lack of confidence to Achim and attempts, back from New York, with him to reconcile what is not so easy. Then he makes a marriage proposal to her. At the beginning she would be delighted, but after she feels constrained by Achim. At the airport, she runs the pilot Thomas about the way randomly and it’s love at first sight. The relationship to Achim is overshadowed by the longing for this pilot and it separates by Achim. Was it really pure coincidence, when she again meets at the airport on Thomas, her dream Prince? Despite its relationship to this pilot, she must always think of Achim and is soon emotionally between two men. At the same time it acquires a company, whose chef suddenly to prison. It is a tall order. Because Cora is very tired and jaded in recent times by the many work, a doctor recommends you to take a long trip. It goes to Hawaii. Book data: Do you hear the love? You sounds like music, author Jutta Schutz, Publishing company information: Britta Kummer is a writer and author. She writes cookbooks, children and youth -, was born on the in Hagen and now lives in Ennepetal.