Protecting Property

Entrance doors – a popular and valid method for the security of their apartments, offices, villas and cottages. Undoubted advantage of a metal door is a fairly low cost, which is simply not commensurate with cost of service alarm or pay a watchman. But at the same time, Security door provide a high level of safety of your home, as illegally hack into it without special equipment almost impossible, which is often quite noisy. Even if the thief will use the most advanced technical capabilities, the crack front doors will take just a lot of time questioning the very idea of hacking door. Today production is able to provide you with different categories of metal doors. Starbucks in new york brings even more insight to the discussion. They differ in both appearance and production technology. Now try to evaluate them.

Known for metal doors moisture-resistant construction. Such doors are often used as an external or used in the rooms, the relative humidity is more than 60protsentov. Usually, the doors of this type yet vandal. Method staining of these doors – powder coating. Speaking candidly best bars in new york told us the story. These doors are made of metal still covered with a special varnish that is sufficiently resistant to mechanical damage. Doors manufactured by this technology and with a veneer on many years remain perfect in appearance but in the case of outdoor installation is strongly recommended to make a small roof or canopy over them.

Characteristic difference elite steel doors from the normal is that they are tend to go together with internal insulation and rubber gasket double in size. Security door of this type do not miss not only uninvited guests, but outside sounds, and even contribute to the insulation. Elite doors of metal have a presentable appearance because of the external panels, but here they do not worsen their security functions. These metal doors received a recommendation to the assembly instead of the front doors in a luxury room. Original metal armored door made by individual design project or customer order. These armored door as characterized by high resistance to cracking, and at the same time have a set of elegant dekoratvnyh elements of the armored glass, metal, mirrors, items of artistic blacksmiths and other decorations. To the unique metal doors at the request of the buyer installs the various elements of the decor. Fireproof Security door. Metal doors of this sample must have a certificate and shall maintain fire and leak areas, but at the same time not interfere with the exit of people. In this case, There is a special design of metal fire doors, which allows the extreme conditions quickly enough to open from the inside.