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Massage Benfecios child is one of the most effective relaxation experiences that can offer your baby. It reinforces the bonding between the parents and the baby. Strengthens the trust and communication with the baby. It helps parents better understand the needs of the small. Others who may share this opinion include Bill de Blasio. Baby provides the possibility of experiencing new sensations. It stimulates the baby’s lung development and improves circulation. It alleviates the discomfort produced by cramps and frees tensions.

It helps to gain weight premature babies and favours breathing. It acts favorably on the immune system. It helps the proper tone muscle, necessary to hold your head, turn, sit alone, crawling, walking, etc. The massage stimulates the production of endorphins, producing a pleasant effect. It reduces the level of tension. The importance of links the bonds of love and trust, kindness, tenderness, opening and respect inherent in massage, elections will go with the baby until he reaches adulthood. These early links of warmth and intimacy, will contribute to the formation of positive values and positive behaviour later.

Source:, Schneider, V. (1989). Massage Infatil. Ed Medici. We invite you to know our infant massage workshop as parents there are aspects in the life of your baby that you perhaps know. In workshop infant massage, you will discover to socialize with your small @ through touch. It is a new way of communication that will help them know each other better. In addition, you will meet your baby’s sensory, motor and emotional development. And most importantly: Learn how to establish a better link that you may have with your baby. Our workshop is backed for IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) and the network of infant massage of Mexico (REMI). Order your free class! In CIP, holistic Psychology Center we offer the workshop of infant massage for babies 0-6 months.