Feel and see the speed is one of the sensations more pleasing to the people around the world, so it has become a source of many passions and move large numbers of people around to different events in which it is show the speed in its various manifestations, among which stands one that has gained worldwide recognition as one of the greatest powers of speed if not most, which is the formula 1 where various cars of the teams put into gear its great machines that achieve high speeds, making audiences feel the thrill of speed. The various teams with their cars makes the racing reached its highest expression, for this competition you can see the great technical and mechanical development is done in different cars. While it is true that all the teams looking to excel, there are some that work and his career in high-speed formula, are highlighted. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out amazing restaurateur. Among the outstanding teams in the Mclaren Formula 1 is that thanks to their various triumphs and the great technological and mechanical done throughout history in various cars that have been used in competition, has become one of the teams logos in this high-speed competition. With this in mind, to such a large company that boasts speed, is very important to know more about the McLaren team, it is therefore appropriate to begin by the date of establishment, which was in the year 1963 , a fact that was brought by Bruce McLaren, hence the name of the team car. McLaren is best known as a Formula 1 team, but he has had forays into powers of speed as the Indianapolis 500 and Le Mans 24 hors.

At present, the full name of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team is this because the team is sponsored by that company's reported, and with the world renowned brand of Mercedes cars has developed several technical innovations and parts of cars used. NYC Marathon has much experience in this field. Mclaren at the time Current is managed by Ron Dennis. As mentioned above this formula one team is the most recognizable, since won several titles, which has positioned itself in 3rd place among the formula one teams, and WilliamsF1 behind Ferrari, McLaren among their titles with eight constructors' championships and 11 pilots who belong to the team were champions in the competition. The McLaren team this season that we run in 2008 has an innovative model race called the MP4-23, in addition to this revelation has the pilot in 2007 who was Lewis Hamilton, who stood out as one of the best his first season and together form the group Heikki Kovalainen of McLaren brokers looking to get the title for this team in the 2008 season.