Richard Rorty

For Richard Rorty the majority of what we know on the superior and privileged member of the Metaphysical oppositions is a question of effect of contrast with the inferior and rejected member. We will be able some time to make better of what Parmnides made. The misticismo, or the negative way, or sacred silence wittgensteiniano, seems to be the only options. The kantiano contrast between the fenomenal and the numenal is one another vulgar example of this type of problem. It needed the nmenos, of thing-in-itself, to give sensible to its allegation of that the world espcio-weather was fenomenal, mere apparent. As well as the form in Aristotle and the infinite in Spinoza. The positivista language, the call formal way of the speech, is more satisfactory because it deals with the inteligibilidade as a property the linguistic expressions instead of things.

It in this manner converts metaphysics into philosophy of the language, approaching it of the description of Derrida of the dream in mago of the philosophy. Gianni Vattimo (1936) if occupied of the hermeneutic ontologia contemporary, accenting its linking with the niilismo – understood as weakness of the ontolgicas categories. Thus, he opposes the weak thought, a particular form of niilismo, to the diverse forms of strong thought, that is, those basing on the Christian revelation, the marxism and other systems ideological. According to Vattimo, from the philosophies of Nietzsche and mainly of Heidegger, a irreversible crisis in the cartesian and racionalistas bases of the modern thought restores. It considers a philosophy based on the weakness of the being as key of reading of after-modernity, but also on the forms of gradual reduction of the violence, ticket regimes democratic politicians, of secularizao, pluralism and tolerance, as impulse to the emancipation human being and the overcoming of the social differences. Its proposal philosophical is a reply to the crisis of great philosophical chains of centuries XIX and XX: the hegelianismo with its dialectic, the marxism, the fenomenologia, the psychoanalysis, the estruturalismo.