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The title ‘ power issue change’ offers new concepts and support for a strong change management in companies. Parallel to the book find an expert Portal is now online. Especially in times of crisis, companies are under immense pressure. Processes of change can healing be enforcing but often also painful. Investigations of the past ten years show that half of the initiated change processes in companies fail. And for several years. “Torsten Oltmanns and Daniel Nemeyer, working both at Roland Berger Strategy consultants, took to think this fact to the cause of change of change management, and produced power issue change: why mostly on management change projects fail and how you can do better”. Change management will often fail, the reasons for this not you but in vertical conflicts free according to the motto up there, we down there”.

The reasons are often horizontal level in the management. Whether by the struggle for power or paralysis in the power vacuum, the result is gridlock. “The question of power, who has it, how far she and the handling of power on change management is at the core of the title question of power change”. Examples of catchy, the authors present instruments, with which change processes management quickly and effectively implement allow to realize a smooth shift in the company. The Web page of published parallel to the book”provides up-to-date information relating to the subject of change management. Throw change can interested when visiting the Web site at a look at the book of power issue”. Beyond the pure information character, that offers the website to enter the possibility of direct contact with the authors Torsten Oltmanns and Daniel Nemeyer. In the discussion section of the website, the experts regularly give information to the subject of change management.

Visitors are invited to inform themselves and to question the sensitive issue of power in companies and to discuss. Content: with the title “Question of power change: why mostly on management change projects fail and how you can do better” show the authors Torsten Oltmanns and Daniel Nemeyer new concepts for a successful change management and explain how to build the right structures and processes, equally appealing staff and managers and what understanding of leadership that is necessary.