Russian Birds

Budgerigars know everything. Today, perhaps, is the most popular and most beloved pet birds, which contain in their homes people around the world. In its homeland, and they live in Australia, parrots numerous flocks fly over the grassy plains in search of food and water. When it comes time to create a family and pull chicks, parrots fly to the edge of the eucalyptus and acacia forests, where pairs of birds inhabit the tree hollows. Wild parrots are alike as twins. The main background of feathers – grass-green. Feathers of the upper neck, neck and back have a wavy pattern of alternating black and yellow stripes.

Hence the Russian name of the bird. In young birds, the yellow feathers of the head from the forehead to the back outlined with black transverse stripes. Another clear sign that allows to distinguish birds by sex and age, is the color voskovitsy. Y young males voskovitsa – bare skin at the base of the beak, is painted in a smooth reddish-purple with age it becomes blue and then bright blue. In females voskovitsa gray and white, like the foam coating. With age, voskovitsa becomes brownish-gray, then brown.

During the breeding season voskovitsa females may become blue. In addition, the young bird can be distinguished by relatively short tail, a dark beak and dull smoky shade of the plumage. At home, the budgies began to grow from about the middle of last century, and soon emerged with a color different from the color of wild cousins. Now, several dozen species budgerigars, and among them – yellow, blue, white and blue, purple, and gray. Another feature of these birds, manifested relatively recently – the ability to onomatopoeia, or 'talk'. This property is undulating parrots with renewed vigor stirred interest in them amateurs and professionals. The learning process of birds 'conversation' successful use of modern physicians speech therapists. The child does not have to force to train the bird 'to speak' – exercise is admittedly fascinating. But when the baby birds are learning, many times repeating the words correctly, get rid of speech defects. …