Russian Capital

Anyone knows a funny but very true saying: "In Russia, two disasters: fools and roads." Especially important is the second problem faced by absolutely anyone, and which is so fond of saying foreigners. What, in fact, is the crux of this issue? Terrible quality of the roads of our great country is compounded by the fact that they can not sustain such a large number of machines. It is physically impossible, because the road in four rows – two in one direction and two in the opposite direction – can not be reconstructed on the road in eight rows. NYC Marathon: the source for more info. Most often, it becomes a one-way traffic. The result – tube length of several kilometers and not in one hour.

In this case, we trying to overtake it and find another way to quickly reach our desired location. But where to go? Which road to choose, because you can go in a different way, and time to spend as much. One of the outputs are the satellite navigation systems, which are very expensive and do not justify their costs. Another way is a favorite of tourists – automotive map of each city separately. Do you think that is why it is in the glove box of almost every an experienced taxi driver? Exactly! Because their job as quickly as possible to deliver the client's need for him. It is very conveniently placed.

In fact, it will be able to understand even a child. Its format is very convenient because it compact and clearly written. If you do not want to get lost in Moscow, you should make this inexpensive and trusted aide. The roads of the capital is very confusing and complicated. And not everyone can easily overcome distance from point A to point B with minimal effort. At any moment you can ask for help from a faithful adviser – road maps – and make their lives easier.