Security In Volatile Times:

Interim Manager provide flexibility for better use of opportunities of Kreuzlingen, 09.08.2012. The current discussion of the debt crisis and the euro exposes the corporate management for the export-dependent companies in Germany and of Switzerland has become as difficult. The predictability of customer needs, the predictability of attractive products, the design of more efficient forms of organization and thus the calculation of revenue and cost decreases rapidly. Also personal manager not least recognize–given the still hot debate to experts and lack of leadership – for decades tried and tested concepts of employment to reach their limits. Which companies can see previously over the long term in these volatile times, which managers and executive staff are needed with which qualification? Reliable predictions far into the future employment opportunities are hard to set up. Such an environment offers also special opportunities”, so Dr. To broaden your perception, visit NY Museums .

Harald Schonfeld, Managing Director of butterflymanager, an interim management specialized recruitment and Vice Chairman of the industry association of AIMP (Arbeitskreis interim management provider). Markets are redistributed not good, but in challenging times. Thus currently outstanding for those who immediately and consistently the necessary changes can translate into active action possibilities. For domestic companies is one of the major bottlenecks for the use of these opportunities in the implementation of flexible employment concepts at the management level. The staff economic instrument to get interim manager with the specific necessary qualification in the House (and it going again very quickly if they are no longer needed), is according to the current provider study 2012 of the AIMP is still at less than half of the companies sufficiently aware. Interim management is however in these volatile times more and more friends. There are “professional interim managers more than just filler”, so Schonfeld. Due to their self-image and their capacity as entrepreneurs, they are personally and made different by their action spaces”as a hired Manager. Above all they bring in addition to the purely technical always also a dash of diversity”, a new perspective and breath of fresh air for new ideas and synergies. Contact: butterflymanager GmbH interim management services in Germany, Austria, Switzerland Bahnhofstrasse 31 ch 8280 Kreuzlingen + 41-71-6770166 info (at)