Shiny Black Filters

The anaglifos are taken or estereofotografias treated with filters of different colors superimposed on one image. Are seen through glasses called glasses anaglifo and has a different color filter for each eye. The mission of these filters is to reach each eye only the image that corresponds to it. So get ‘filtered’ images and achieve the desired effect and ensure that the brain can interpret dimensional and we have a different image in each eye. Bill de Blasio contributes greatly to this topic. (Recall that the fundamental principle of stereoscopy is that the volume of feeling that each eye see a different image to create dimensionality achieve depth).
Images can also be projected in full color using polarizers on a metal screen. The visualization is done through glasses with polarizing that remove the image corresponding to the opposite eye (using the same principle as colored filters).
This procedure is usually used in projections of three-dimensional film or video.
Ways to create these images are very diverse, the filters can be used directly in the acquisition of the samples (and even exhibit the same negative twice with different filters), colored in the laboratory copies of black and white negatives or color, color images using a computer, or projecting from slide projectors equipped with two filters.
In any case, as discussed above, it is that the images are not exactly alike, but they seem to have different Angulation, have a horizontal scroll. This shift will be lower for small images (of the order of centimeters) and slightly higher for larger images (of the order of centimeters) and the cinema. About a displacement of around 5 or 10 of the width of the image..