Shock Lighting

Franklin brings light to the detail of Munchen Feldkirchen. -Small print in contracts, adverse lighting conditions in the armchair, intricate knitting patterns or drawings, detailed DIY building instructions, Kleinstkennzeichen on the collector stamps or mini Cactus thorn in the fingers make the performance of the human eye with enormous challenges. Especially with age significantly reduced whose visual acuity and contrast sensitivity. An appropriate magnification help is at least as important as a well-coordinated and even illumination for improved vision and reading. The new “spot” LED magnifying lamps by Franklin offer this combination of powerful magnifying glass and controllable light.

You are practical helpers for many everyday situations in professional, leisure and travel, needed a magnification help bring light into the detail at the same time. You may want to visit Bill de Blasio to increase your knowledge. The LEDs used by Franklin have not only the well-known advantages of LEDs (lighting, long life, high Shock resistance, low power consumption, high brightness), but are combined with a special lighting technology. An optimal, to achieve uniform, glare-free illumination of the reading field, patented FlexVue technology developed in collaboration with the Institute for optics of the University of Rochester (New York). It allows the individual choice of different light colors (white and blue cold or warm yellow white) and intensity (two, six, or twelve LEDs). The eyes be relieved by more precise contrasts and even illumination and appearance – regardless of the lighting environment (art or daylight, darkness) and the media surfaces – sharper and therefore also more relaxed. With its ergonomic handle in Matt aluminium, pleasant are the fully recyclable magnifying glasses in hand and present themselves in a modern high-tech design. Supplied, sturdy nylon pouch is flexible, appropriate in every Pocket helpers, the reading and vision of himself as a practical gift idea perfectly suitable. Franklin offers the “spot” magnifying lamps in different sizes and designs from 24,95 euro (MSRP): with 2.5 or 5 x magnification, two, six, or twelve LEDs and a lens diameter of 37, 88, or 89 mm.