State City

In 1986 he gave to military service in 23 brigade of Infantry of Forest, in the city of Marab, the State of Par. In 1987 it returned for Are Domingos of the Araguaia, without conditions to carry through a superior course, therefore at the time, the universities next to Are Domingos were in Belm or So Lus of the Maranho. In 1989 Small Christ started to work as to assist of secretariat in the state school of 1 degree, where Eliane knew Melo Pear tree, who if it married and had had two children; Dborah Rayrana and Sarah Giovanna, and a son; Ronaldo of melo Walnut. In 1992 it was candidatou councilman, when They are Domingos of the Araguaia started to be independent city of the city of Are Joo of the Araguaia, for the emancipation process, obtaining to choose itself with a voting that guaranteed 8 to it position of the nine vacant disputed for 120 candidates, for little more than three a thousand voters. Although to have very been voted well, more it did not obtain to reelect itself in the posterior elections, finishing for abandoning the career politics.

Its contact with literature if gave to the eight years of age, stimulated for its father, who although to have almost no study, exactly thus liked to read books of Brazilian literature, of authors as loved Jorge, Jose de Alencar, Guimares Bernardo and several others. Starting for reading comicses, bolsilivros, later romances of Brazilian and foreign authors, thus despertando its taste for literature, and consequently the incentive in writing its first book, MY DESTINATION IS TO COUNT, concluded in 2004. Currently to the 43 years of age, it still continues writing its as book in course phase. It still works as to assist of Secretariat and as Professor of mathematics in the School Small Christ, and makes the course of Baccalaureate in countable Sciences, for the Leonardo university of the Vincci, in the city of Marab. Check with Bank of New York to learn more.