President Martin Van Buren

What's interesting is that this is the astro vibration led processes affairs of America. Why choose this vibration for the opening of the new world, the patrons of another underworld – Pluto in Scorpio – it's the most powerful of its provisions. It manifests itself is devastating, and does not give a positive vibration. This in turn adds to the collection of regular shocks incident to the development process of America. The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes an additional similar source. What will happen in the world in 2012? In the social and economic aspects of global capitalism is a period of great decline. And the major planets prove it. In 2001 I predicted the turmoil in the U.S.

and wrote that in 2001, after a large-scale tragedy will be the financial turmoil of the Western world. What happened on Sept. 11, 2001 year. Planets can evaluate and predict the situation to its occurrence. In the spring of 2005, I published an article on the prophecy of 2012, which predicted the beginning of the looming global crisis of capitalism, namely the period of 2012. "Let it be seen in the U.S. and prove that what the priests of the Maya has a deeper meaning.

U.S. history and the cycles necessary to find some starting point in U.S. history, which shows the direction of destructive processes in future of the USA and a point is found. The first economic crisis in the states there was a 67 day rule 8 of U.S. President Martin Van Buren, in the spring of 1837.

Public Village

The Audi MedCup will arrive at the Region next the 24 from August, reason why Cartagena already is prepared to welcome one of the more important circuits of regatas of the world. For more specific information, check out NY museums . In an event of this level it could not lack Kitchen gardens Motor. The official concessionaire Audi of the Group Kitchen gardens will be one of the main collaborators of the organization in an event that, during six days, combines sport and automotion. The objective is to offer to all the assistants the possibility of enjoying simultaneously the candle of more high level and the last new features of the German company/signature. For that, Kitchen gardens Motor will transfer until the zone of regatas to be able to try, the new model Audi A1, and as Audi first fruit keeps awake in Cartagena new coupe A7 Sportback, that arrived at the market in the next Autumn. The spectacle of the Audi MedCup will not be only in the sea, since the Public Village that will settle in the port will count on numerous playful activities for all the ages. One of you rule that they have marked to the east edition year has been the necessity abrir the competition still more to the public. Between the initiatives that have started up to obtain it emphasizes it the possibility that is offered to a guest to sail on board each one of the participant boats.

Five tests The calendar of the Circuit Audi MedCup 2010 was abri in May visiting, for the first time, the Portuguese locality of Cascais. From the Atlantic all the participants traveled in June to the Mediterranean to pause later first in Marseilles and in Barcelona. The fourth test will dispute in Cartagena, whereas the point and end to the season will be in September in the locality of Cagliari (Sardinia).