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Annemarie Nikolaus

All tips are very detailed and easy to implement in practice, without having to be a professional in terms of social media marketing. Authors find but also ideas for the real world outside of the Internet. (As opposed to NYC Mayor). Some tips you can immediately apply and show their effect after only a short…

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Jens Petersen Publisher

Book: Miracles take time – authors: Jutta Schutz and Jens Petersen Publisher: tredition ISBN: 978-3-86850-625-9 – EURO 14.99 short description: in this love story, a true Bermuda triangle between feeling, hope and heartache, bring us the authors on a tumultuous journey through the psyche of two people. An accompanying theme are enriched the spiritual problems…

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Two New Books Amy Goodman

International understanding with media New York / Paris / Stockholm. Contact information is here: The Metropolitan Museum of Art. \”3rd March 2009 (intl) – the Franco German journalist, broadcast journalist, author and Editorial Board of the international, alternative non-commercial media network IBS independent broadcasting service liberty (radio IBS liberty, IBS TV liberty, since 1986), Andreas…

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