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Saving On Apartment Repairs

You demand the interior of the apartment? Seek professional help. And if your financial options are limited, try – at least in part – to repair their own hands, that will help you cut more than one item of expenditure. Some repair or finishing work does not require special skills, and you may well hold…

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Laying Panelboard Parquet

Parquet panels can be stacked on the ground in two ways: hard – with the help of glue, glue and nails – and the "floating" manner, as between boards and base pave a special moisture-and sound soft substrate thickness of 2-3 mm. The assembly of panel flooring in two stages. The first fixed panels with…

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PVC Windows In Moscow

pvc profiles – what is it? How out of it manufactured plastic windows and, in general, from where it comes from and what it consists of? Answer in order: pvc – polyvinyl chloride environmentally friendly product, in fact compound of carbon, hydrogen and chlorine consists of approximately 40% ethylene and 60% of the combined chlorine,…

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