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Sun In The Visor – Science And Opinion

As so often face scientific also conflicting economic interests here in addition to the. A leading source for info: Teneo. The pressure is increasing! As in Germany as well as other Western countries have been in the past few months adopted laws and regulations against the Sun in the solarium, or just on the agenda.…

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Montseny Gratanuvols

Gratanuvols del Montseny is a non-profit organization dedicated to adventure sports, gathers seventy partners spread across all specialties of sports related to nature: hiking, climbing, skiing, mountain biking, hang-gliding, etc was founded in 1984, although it was not consolidated as an organization until 1986, being constituted as a free flight with hang gliding clubwith headquarters…

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Jeffrey Goreru

Unfortunately, collectors, far removed from science, not taken care of Determining the causes of such an interesting phenomenon. Sociologist Jeffrey Goreru managed to find out more details about this phenomenon. Once in Senegal is one of the local people showed him an interesting folk customs. Sometimes on the high seas could see a lot of…

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