President Martin Van Buren

What's interesting is that this is the astro vibration led processes affairs of America. Why choose this vibration for the opening of the new world, the patrons of another underworld – Pluto in Scorpio – it's the most powerful of its provisions. It manifests itself is devastating, and does not give a positive vibration. This in turn adds to the collection of regular shocks incident to the development process of America. The Metropolitan Museum of Art describes an additional similar source. What will happen in the world in 2012? In the social and economic aspects of global capitalism is a period of great decline. And the major planets prove it. In 2001 I predicted the turmoil in the U.S.

and wrote that in 2001, after a large-scale tragedy will be the financial turmoil of the Western world. What happened on Sept. 11, 2001 year. Planets can evaluate and predict the situation to its occurrence. In the spring of 2005, I published an article on the prophecy of 2012, which predicted the beginning of the looming global crisis of capitalism, namely the period of 2012. "Let it be seen in the U.S. and prove that what the priests of the Maya has a deeper meaning.

U.S. history and the cycles necessary to find some starting point in U.S. history, which shows the direction of destructive processes in future of the USA and a point is found. The first economic crisis in the states there was a 67 day rule 8 of U.S. President Martin Van Buren, in the spring of 1837.


Horary astrology is the oldest branch of this science, but when it comes to that, she is an often there are difficulties. In a nutshell, the horary astrology aims to give an answer to any question of life (only just properly raised). I can whether I'm on the weekend to buy a new car? Will there she married in a month? How to successfully close the deal? Born boy or girl? At any of these questions horary astrology is ready to answer. Such a vision of the world goes back to the 18 th century BC to the worldview of Babylon of the Chaldeans, who equated the planet to the gods, managing the whole event on Earth. Divine messages are expressed through the arrangement of stars and entirely cause the behavior of individuals and entire nations. Horary Astrology interprets the world in the inevitability of events occurring in it.

Thus, the answer to any question is already there, leaving only the right to find it through special horary charts, compiled at the time of issue. It is this map is the cornerstone of horary astrology. It differs from the familiar to us natal chart, in the preparation of traditional personal horoscope, although it has used a number of common points: the exact time, date and coordinates of the place where the desired event or where the question was formulated. In Horary astrology is not random events, the world appears as a system of cause-effect relationships. Therefore, our question – is the element being part of a system of universal laws.

Horary astrology is much more subjective than the classical astrology, horoscopes, and one of the main requirements that it imposes on the person – it's sincerity it needs to obtain the desired response. In view of this postulate, the questions posed out of curiosity, without, as they say the spark in his eyes, and will remain unanswered. Another important point Horary astrology – is its oglanichenie time. The issue is limited to three months, so "How much I will have children?" Or "Will I be happy in life?" – Matters not to horary astrology, as they provide a wider time frame. And if you're already worried about the week "where I left my keys?", Then welcome to the world of horary astrology.

Personal Situation

Personal crisis, for example, may be associated with the birth or marriage of a child, divorce, illness or sudden disability. State of crisis can realize and accept a man or repressed, pushed out. For example, dissatisfaction with the marital relationship can be manifested as depression or actively search out of the situation, recourse to a therapist. Social crisis appears activator showing a personal crisis. On the background of social instability and deteriorating economic conditions, people are faced with the fact the changed reality to which they are not ready. For example, yesterday was the work, and today it is already no or activity that generates income for many years, today was not marketable.

Social crisis will intensify the personal frustrations and allows you to make changes that people long could be solved. Only a person under the weight of circumstances, often can not see the positivity going on, his vision narrowed. He spends an enormous amount of energy to resistance to change and experiencing negative emotions. Rather than capitalize on the situation and use the energy of dissatisfaction for a ride to her dream. Despite the painful crisis of experiences and feelings in each situation provides a gift – thanks to realize the causes of what is happening, we can qualitatively change their lives and to achieve harmony, joy and satisfaction. What kind of benefits can be drawn from the crisis? The crisis can be used with benefit for themselves. It can be a springboard for personal change and, if correctly taken action to accelerate the achievement of a new harmonious state, the goal.