The Creator

But, arguing from a position of those representations that have been opened to me, I'm sure fix our planet, which has received such perfect conditions for the existence and development of life The Creator will not. If people with a divine mission, his lightly-greedy ambitions to lead the human community to the irreparable harm the process of creation of life, then they will simply be removed themselves. And such a beautiful, perfect and harmonious planet Earth will remain, and will serve as home to other creatures inspired. Of all of the above wanted you to remember my assertion that the process creation life goes on, and that man has a soul that has the divine gift of the spiritual, sensual selection, endowed with freedom – is designed to directly and personally involved in this global process, playing It pretty significant role! Before we start talking about our life path I want to draw your attention to the concept of "human life". Danny Meyer gathered all the information. The fact that you, my contemporaries in the overwhelming majority, understand the expression "human life" as a period of time from birth to death the mother and the human body. In achromatism same under the term "human life" hiding absolutely immense amount of time divided into certain stages. All stages of human life, it is extremely important to him and to play a role in the favorable evolution of the universe. I was given was to see and comprehend only four of the unknown number of stages, and the existence of the fifth stage was seen only fleetingly in the fuzzy contours.