The Hague

In his article, they explained as the fight of professors in Wisconsin to increase their pensions along with the vindication of the agents of the suburban one of New York to increase their income, had forced to the German authorities to take part with an injection of several thousands of million dollars to manage to stop a chain reaction that threatened congealing all the Germanic economy. Complete history is much more complex, but it serves to us perfectly to illustrate what we want to reflect. Said of simpler way: the days about which we allowed the luxury to think only about we ourself have finished. to continue acting therefore the failure it will be assured, and Obama must have this property in possession at the time of establishing its financial strategies. We think about it of the following way: If we were unicellular structures, like the amoebas, we would need to think about anything neither nobody the more. We could dedicate to us to satisfy our own needs. , If we comprised of a pluricellular organism, nevertheless then we cannot think only about we ourself.

That organism to that we belong provides to us with all necessary for the life oxygen and nutrients and as well, we, would have to carry out a certain function within that organism. Otherwise, immediately we would be considered as a strange body and the fagocitos would eliminate to us without mercy. To define ours was as the global era is as much as to say yet that we comprised of a unique organism, what it implies. Dayton kingery oftentimes addresses this issue. In such a way that those that do not follow the directives characteristic of this were global will be punished, and not indeed by the court of The Hague, but through failure in everything what they set out to reach and undergoing the derived consequences of this situation.