The History Of Graffiti

The history of Graffiti 1966-1971 Graffiti was used mainly by political activists to make declarations and street gangs lo hacian to mark territory. Speaking candidly NYC Mayor told us the story. It wasn’t until the end of 1960 the current identity of urban writing (graffiti) began to give way.The history of the movement of underground art known by many names, most commonly called graffiti begins in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during the mid-1960s and has its roots in the bombing. The graffiti writers who are credited with the first bombing effort are COOL EARL and CORNBREAD. They wrote their names in all places to win the attention of the city’s community and the local press. It is not clear if this concept made its way to New York through efforts or if it was a spontaneous occurrence. Writers Graffiti 1971-1974 pineros shortly after CORNBREAD, the section of Washington Heights in Manhattan was giving birth to the graffiti writers.

In 1971 the New York Times published an article about one of these writers. TAKI 183 It was the tag of a Washington Heights boy. TAKI was the nickname by his name Demetrius and 183 was the number of the street where she lived. He was employed as a Messenger, so it used the meter often and took advantage of it, doing their tags. The appearance of this unusual name and number 183 provoked public curiosity resulting in the Times article. He was the first writer nor the first King. It was however the first to be recognized outside the newly formed the graffiti subculture.

the first graffiti writers recognized and important were: Julio 204. FRANK 207 and 136 JOE on the streets of Brooklyn, was also one growing movement. Dozens of writers were active. FRIENDLY FREDDIE was a writer of Brooklyn to principles of earning fame. The proven metro system be a communication line and a unifying element of all these separate movements.