The Mazda

In 13.7 seconds, the Mazda5 diesel with the Sprint from 0 to 100 km / h. The technicians have operated in the development of new common Railers effort. In contrast to its predecessor, the displacement was reduced from two litres to 1.6 litres. The unit with its aluminum engine block is proud 73 kilograms lighter than its predecessor. Along with the 47 kilograms lighter, fine to be six-speed transmissions it makes an important contribution to reduce weight of the vehicle by a total of 120 kilograms. The diesel engine operates with a very low compression ratio of 16:1.

As a result, the combustion temperature is lowered significantly and thus the nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced. So the engine during cold start but quickly comes to operating temperature, there is a bypass system, which the exhaust gases are not cooled by the cooler with exhaust gas recirculation. In contrast to its predecessor, the aggregate with 1.6 instead of two liters engine capacity contents itself. Still the performance increased five PS to 116 HP. The maximum torque is also higher at 270 nm and earlier from 1750 RPM. This convinced the engine even at low rpm with good response and pulling strength. In addition to interesting technical solutions to reduce emissions surprised the motor with a weight reduced to 73 kg in comparison to the old two-litre engine. Low consumption without much additional effort without any elaborate efficiency measures creates the engine low consumption values, which must not fear comparison with the competition.

Instead of 6.1 litres as at the previous run only 5.2 liters of diesel per 100 kilometres through the lines (CO2 emissions 138 g / km). In addition to these positive consumption values, the engine excels his spontaneous throttle response and the pulling power even at low rpm. Also the diesel practically for all walks of life compared to the petrol engine models not functionality is lacking. The Mazda5 offers all the configurations of the two up to the seven-seater. The rising and tilting the seats requires no effort. The seat of the central square in the second row can be stowed in the left seat. All seats allocated is a flat loading surface with up to 1485 litres. Does not have you can record the cargo area up to 1597 litres when purchasing on the two seats in the third row. Practical chapter you may not forget also the sliding side doors, which can be electrically operated from the trim level of TXplus. In the Interior, there are no differences to the gasoline models. The dashboard landscape is decorated in a subtle black, clear and focused on good ergonomics. One looks in vain for Designexperimente. What do you get for your money? There are four whose equipment lines. From the base model CE front -, side – and window airbags, stability control, air conditioning, electric Windows and CD-radio are standard. The Mazda5 CE EUR 24.990 comes with the new diesel engine. The next line of TE has seven seats, 16-inch alloy wheels, as well as automatic climate control and is available from 27.290 euro. 600 euro must be upped the ante for the TX models, to enjoy the rain / light sensor, cruise control, parking aid and Bluetooth hands-free kit to the come. The electrical operation of the sliding doors and Xenon headlights are included in the TXplus models from 28,990 euro. The top model GTA with 17-inch alloy wheels, 6 CD changer, leather seats, spoiler and side skirts come on 31.090 euro. by Thomas Weibold,