The State

Nevasha aunt Depends on the country. Somewhere, and two years is enough 'to suffer' until permanent residence, so that you can divorce and stay in the country somewhere – 7 years. Children almost everywhere in Europe to take with you home if the father opposed – will not succeed. Legally … If you have additional questions, you may want to visit NY Restaurateur. There is also a crisis center where you can and come running like this almost naked.

Comforted, dressed, look for a job and legal assistance to render. The main thing – do not burn bridges, apartments, houses, factories, ships are not sell, sell, ask in advance, would not be by that time hateful husband be entitled to the money. This is in general. Each country has its own nuances. fregat222 can really suffer.

But sometimes the signs of the patient remain for life. Yes, and the procedure of divorce – from one to five years. It all depends on the state and the situation. Man falls to another state, another jurisdiction with a different mentality from other traditions. During his practice saw only 3 women who are serious about all this. They studied the language, traditions, and to consult with lawyers. Since have been previously married, then seriously consider the court decision for divorce and asked questions their husbands for children and their credits and liabilities, etc. Now all of a normal relationship and happy family. Learn LORELLA laws of the country to begin to learn the language, did not sell at home, have your finances in a foreign country to start to seek work, confirmation certificates.