The Window Sashes

Residential, public, industrial, agricultural and other buildings and structures should be in good natural light. This is achieved by constructing windows, skylights, glass roofs, etc. Prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to overheating of the interior in the summer, that can not be justified sanitary requirements. In the cold season because of the multitude of skylights there are large losses of heat, rooms supercooled, which also leads to violation of sanitary regime in the premises. Window openings are arranged to achieve maximum illumination with minimum heat losses and is well ventilated. Building regulations govern the room lighting jobs. Depending on the purpose of buildings and climate skylights can be a single, double or triple glass.

As well as windows, glass blocks and profile glass. Glazing window frames must be done qualitatively, since the substandard performance of these works wooden windows freeze, rot. A metal binding in addition to freezing corrode. Lighting of residential and public buildings, mainly through windows. Therefore, the requirements for their installation should be increased. Boxes can be wooden, derevoalyuminievymi, aluminum, metal, concrete and plastic of different shapes and sizes. Frequently Jo Natauri has said that publicly. Window frames are hollow and open, as well as one-, two-and mnogostvorchatye with vents without them.

The upper part is called the transom. Transoms are deaf and opening up. In the sticks of bindings for inserting the glass selected quarters, called folds, varying depth and width. Folds are simple and complex. If you choose to integrate advanced grooves for laying glass. Glass reinforcing pins, then coated with putty or a bead-handling systems of various forms.