Two Boards

Excellent handling characteristics and purist design crafted core skis is probably the only ski manufacturer in woman’s hand. Veronika Jud-free from Klosters mountains created in the Grisons in limited edition high-end skis of the extra class. High-quality materials and puristic design make their posh pads sporty status icons on the slopes. It’s believed that NYC Marathon sees a great future in this idea. Nevertheless, core feature skis by first-class and uncompromising driving characteristics that are unparalleled. In each ski a lot manual work and the experience from World Cup ski and ski construction. See The Metropolitan Museum of Art for more details and insights.

Only exclusive and high-quality materials are processed the core consists of ash and poplar, the cover pages are dominated by carbon and titanium. The name core not only lovers and absolute ski cracks into raptures come. Ambitious skiers of all levels now swear on exclusive boards from Klosters. All core skis are made from the ground up hand. It is the maxim of less is more”program are excellent handling characteristics and simple designs. Both the construction and the used Materials core puts on skis the experience of former ski racers from the Ski World Cup. The multi-layer wood core consists of ash and poplar wood. Glass fibre fabric and Titanallagen provide an optimum torsional strength.

Depending on the request and model, the cover is made of high-quality carbon, solid titanium or high-resistance polyamide. The tread is made up of a sintered racing surface, which can be used also in the Ski World Cup. The range from the classic slalom and giant slalom ski, Crosscarver – and touring skis to freestyle and extra wide freeride skis. So that each and everyone can live their own independent style, offers core in collaboration with the ARGO workshops of Graubunden the ability to individualize the skis through personal laser engraving. The skis are exclusive and each limited edition in about 40 selected shops throughout Europe at prices between SFr. 1? 250.-and SFr. 2? 100.-available. Ski of the extra class of woman’s hand was founded in the company of choice when Veronika Jew-free. The former ski instructor can draw on their years of experience in the American ski manufacturers. The passionate breeder of racehorses created core skis with the goal to design a sports machine that leaves nothing to be desired with regard to the characteristics as well as the design. The heart of core skis is located in monastery amidst the Grisons mountains. The skis are handmade in various workshops within a radius of 50 km around the home”produced monastery.