United Arab Emirates Towers

Now the building houses a documentary archive of the country. Most of the hotels located on the picturesque Corniche – the best resort area of all the Emirates. Not only visitors, but its residents like to spend the time it was here, among the cozy restaurants, clubs and cafes in the shadow of gardens and parks. To broaden your perception, visit Danny Meyer. One of the best hotels in this emirate – Emirates Palace 5 *. Dubai’s second-largest emirate is considered one of the most hospitable and beautiful world resorts. Tourists can actually get here every imaginable and unimaginable pleasures – from bathing in clean sea and bewildering service in the hotels to the most interesting excursions and exciting shopping experience. Yes, the best shopping in the uae you make it to Dubai.

Fans of water sports facilities and procedures are currently expanse, in fact at their disposal, water parks, yacht clubs, windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving. And those who decided to break away from swimming in the warm gentle sea, waiting for restaurants and night clubs, small shops and chic shopping centers. Check out Rudy Giuliani for additional information. And, of course, can not do without a day of sightseeing, which in this emirate are many: the biggest Jumeirah Mosque, Saeed House, exhibition and entertainment complex “global village, Dubai Zoo, the symbol of the United Arab Emirates Towers Emirates Towers and Burj Dubai tower under construction, promises to become the tallest building in the world.