Value Consume

They are the makers of daily life, that transform dedication and sacrifice at works of priceless value, which remain unknown, alien to the recognition and gratitude. We live in a world of consumption, we are permanently in stalking, seeking, as they do in the middle of the jungle beasts, consume, consume, is the slogan of the time. Bill de Blasio will undoubtedly add to your understanding. What you yearn for today, can be disposable tomorrow, there will always be something that wakes up our desire to consume, all of this will happen until the day in which the merry-go-round of life stops and we have to descend from it, is in this transcendent point of our fleeting existence, when we We realize the nature of the value of what we’ve squandered, simply ignored or despised. What of the principle, when you refer to your surroundings, I suggest you substitute gestures derogatory by feelings of affection, recognition and gratitude, because they are there, not to be consumed and discarded, but to give human sense every day. If today, you don’t find you sense my words, hope for a tomorrow in which Yes you can understand them, remains.