Visual Merchandising

Technology manufacturers accelerate the digital breakthrough technology manufacturers accelerate the digital breakthrough of Cologne, February 23, 2011 – whether on the subway, in the Bank or in supermarkets electronic media have revolutionized the Visual Merchandising, and create and entirely new presentation information. According to a report by the newspaper of the food, the Nettowerbeumsatz with digital advertising, a study by gold media and screen digest according to will grow by 2012 annually to an average 29 percent to 630 million euros. Since customers increasingly demanding and critical to the consumer sector, the digital in-store advertising proves to be as future-oriented service strategy. Multimodally merchandising is not just a trend, but a recipe for success. In the fall of 2007 the VMI, a merger of several leading companies to promote new technologies at the point has already implemented point-of-sale, a study on this topic”. Investigated was among other things the use of the so-called cross selling on fresh counters. About the matching wine with cheese offered in at the time of the sale a secondary product through balances with customer display. Also here the figures to speak: so rose wine as advertised secondary product on sale all 266 percent. The data in the supermarket of the largest shopping mall of in Germany at Dodenhof in post Hausen were raised. Technology manufacturers react to this development and create the necessary conditions to integrate the screens IT of the company. So also the Balingen companies Bizerba. The K-class series PC scales can be easily adapted at the customers existing hardware and software. Each level has its own IP address and can be controlled from anywhere in the world via the Web. About our online-shop retail Mall can the users to a wide range of fresh products of origin and content information, recipes and brand logos and commercials obtain and enter directly on the display of the scales”, explains Matthias Harsch, a member of Bizerba’s business management. The trade is interested and willing-to-investment. So more than a third of the surveyed retailers plans according to a study of the EHI retail Institute, in the near future in the branches to use LCD or plasma screens. The business benefits is overwhelming. Our studies have shown that only the use of monitors as advertising when compared to classic text price posters causes an average sales increase of 21.75 percent”, sums up Sartorius. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer str. 26 a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 620 44 74 mobile.