Waste Paper

Scope This standard applies to the trash paper and cardboard, used as secondary raw materials for processing into paper, cardboard and other items in the national economy and delivered to exports. Standard does not apply to the unsorted trash. Classification, the basic parameters of waste paper should be divided into three groups, Group A – High Quality, Group B – medium quality; Group B – Low quality. Perhaps check out NY museums for more information. Makulatura each group depending on the composition, sources of income, color, and the ability of the dissolution of the marks must meet specified grade designation in tablitse.Novoe makulaturyStaroe designation Brand makulaturyOpisanie brand garbage Group A high quality MC-1AMS-1Othody of a white paper (except newsprint) MS-2AMS 2Othody of a white paper (except newsprint) in the form of scraps with the ruling and a black and white or colored stripe. MS-3AMS 4Othody of a white paper from unbleached sulphate pulp.

Group B-average quality of the MS-5BMS-6Othody production and consumption of corrugated cardboard and paper MS-6BMS 7Othody production and consumption of white cardboard in the form of scraps of black and white stripe or color printing. MS-7B/1MS-3/1Othody production printing industry, published on a white offset paper. MS-7B/2MS-3Othody production and consumption printing industry, issued a white paper. MS-7B/3MS-3 bytovayIspolzovannye books, papers, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs, notebooks, exercise books, notebooks and other products and printing industry paper products with monochrome and color printing without prepletov and roots, issued on white paper. Group B, low-quality MS-8V/1MS-2/2Othody production of white newsprint paper, without printing. MS-8V/2MS-10Othody production and consumption of newspapers and newsprint.

ms 9VMS -liners, spools, bushes. MS-10VMS 8Litye articles of paper pulp. MS-11VMS 9Othody production and consumption of paper and paperboard, impregnated and coated: wet strength, bitumen, laminated. MS-12VMS 12Othody production and consumption of paper and cardboard black and brown colors. MS-13VMS 11Othody production and consumption of various types of cardboard, and white and color (except black and brown colors) of the cover, light sensitivity, afishnoy, wallpaper, etc.