Web Promotions

We assume that we just started our business and we have achieved our first 10 subscribers. In these 10 subscribers have to send seven first trace messages every 48 hours. Apart from this, we can not send messages all at once, because each has signed its precise date and messages have to send the strictly every 48 hours to every subscriber. Do you think you could address manually these 10 underwriters who made their subscription to your list? I assure you that it is practically impossible! Unless you ask for help with all your family, including grandmother … Let us assume that these first 10 subscribers to our newsletter – two have already made the purchase (this would be a hit!).

These two need another type of monitoring – tracking post-sales and consolidation. Because we have to think from the position of an entrepreneur: if a person has bought once – you can buy other products they offer. But buy only in case if it was done well post-sale tracking. Because the process takes advantage aftermarket too, apart from continue to provide valuable information for free to make offers Unique and sell more products. 10 subscribers already need a tool to automate the process of sending the first seven messages to the list. But suppose we get 100, 1000, 10,000 subscribers! Without a well organized system of automated message sent our business simply is doomed to failure! Consider another situation. We assume that we have created a wonderful website, but we have not put a subscription form and we have not created conditions to convince our Web visitors leave your data.

What happens when we promote our Web site? Web Promotion Based visits will no doubt. But people will see the products we sell, maybe someone will buy something (about 5%), but most visitors (over 95% according to statistics) will go to our Web site forever, never to return again. What happened? – Well, we’ve thrown our time and money invested in the promotion campaign in the trash, not to capture the data from our visitors! It is more than sure that most of those who visited us are potentially interested in what we sell. They clicked on our link for some reason. Our task is to act in a professional manner to capture their data, they were followed up appropriate, on the basis of the messages we send to show we are true professionals they can trust us and they can buy without fear of being deceived. The first 7 messages we send to our subscribers that are crucial and are the difference between success and failure. The following items still need more automated programs to our subscribers. And all this we have to make a Professional Autoresponder!