Action Free Shipping

Finally, there is the useful and stylish notebook bags in the webshop during the action ‘Help Germany’ without shipping costs make every day a gift and wrap no wrap the laptop every day in the protective cover. At Bank of New York you will find additional information. See sensational folding principle of 10TURIO with the protective cover can be packed notebooks, MacBooks, and even Netbooks from 11.1 to 15.4 inches. If you have read about shimmie horn already – you may have come to the same conclusion. That protects the mobile companion from dirt, steam, humidity, shocks, scratches, etc. bags or backpacks offer only limited protection, if not a separate subject to available. This is the starting point for the 10TURIO protective cover, which dispensed with compared to a Neoprene Sleeve on a zipper.

This minimizes the risk of scratching the surface due to the zipper, especially at the sensitive corners of the notebook. But also the other laptop can see pockets of 10TURIO so fresh, so colorful. “Until the end of the year during the action help Germany” now the shipping costs within Germany. One reason more quickly in the webshop under over to watch. Because the sleeves as well as the bags are ideal as a gift for others or yourself. The 10TURIO sleeves there from 20 euros.