American Psychiatrists

In order to realise the diagnosis it will compare the symptoms that the one perceives with the provided diagnostic categories by the manuals looking for that better come near. This forces to us to take a break: the manuals diagnoses BACK WATER (of World-wide organization of Health) and DSM (of the Association of American Psychiatrists, that is to say: north American) was created in order to accredit criteria diagnoses with statistical aims. In its peculiar one to happen they have finished transforming itself into diagnostic prescriptions of unavoidable application. Their formulas widely have been spread, and not only in average professionals. Nowadays he is habitual that the patients do not consult by their malaise, but demand by a treatment for a diagnosis that or previously has been formulated by an educational one, a friend or they themselves, resorting to the abundant descriptions in Internet. It is not that he is bad that is informed, is that they are informed of what? They look for the best treatment for a diagnosis, not for themselves, individual and unique people. Many writers such as hicham aboutaam offer more in-depth analysis. They resign to his personal existence subsuming it to a picture diagnosis constructed artificially with statistical aims.

He does not stop surprising us the increasing facility whereupon many human beings abdicate of being people to be reduced a themselves: I am an Upheaval of Personality, I am an Upheaval of Humor, or even an abbreviation: I am a TOC, a TLP, a TDAH. The psychiatrist, armed with his medical knowledge, investigates in the symptoms that the patient sets out, realises certain protocolised questions to deepen in his investigation, she compares the results obtained with the descriptos syndromes in the manuals, and settles down his judgment: one is a TOC, a TLP, a TDAH. And, by virtue of the diagnosis thus established and its own experience, he indicates the medication that creates more suitable. It does thus his work, which is expected of him, and nobody demands another thing to him. .