Astrology And Tarot Reader Addiction

The number of people who become addicted to Tarot, soothsayers and astrology, is increasing rapidly. End of September 2007 ARD in a report (not without my fortune teller”) reported on destinies of people who came through Tarot, astrology and fortune tellers in a severe life crisis. Three women who moved it by fate into the hands of esoteric consultants have been portrayed. A woman had lost their partners, for example, and wanted to know whether this return to her. To find out, she invested vast sums of money for various consultants, mainly telephone hotlines. You promised that your partner will return to her.

As this return is always longer waiting on himself, she called frequently the consultants, to see if there is new information. She clung to the last straw. The result was that none of the statements previously arrived and she also fell into debt. Still, it is to pay off their debts. Similarly, launched another woman, which went to a fortune teller. They calculated their 60 Euro per hour.

She was also looking for a partner. The visit to the fortune teller with her became an addiction. She thought all day, also on the work, only in the evening deadline for the Tarot. Always hope for a partner made her. None of them happened. Bills and reminders were the only thing fluttered her into the House. Meanwhile, consumer protection associations warn these practices. The LfM (land Media Institute) in North Rhine-Westphalia now requires that the consumer is better protected against the dubious activities of the astronauts and Cartomancy hotlines. So far, every windy Wheeler of a such hotline can operate without that there would be quality standards for this. Basically we recommend, in a life crisis never to seek the help of fortune-tellers, or map layers. The cases in which addiction and dependence resulting from multiplying. By the debt trap in addition whole livelihoods are at stake. Eckart Haase