Central Waste

As a basis for the cost of the House water supply municipalities laid based the plot sizes, although it went to water, living room area. That meant someone with a large piece of land, whether grasslands or land, and much paid more than someone with little land and a big house a small house outrageous. How could that be? Certainly, because on the country the most plots were quite large and the houses in the comparison quite small – so was perhaps more money in. But there was no law against this calculation system, because it was generally handled by the AZV (Wastewater Association). It was also surprising that the most affordable insurance excluded the insurance protection against neighboring levies and development costs in their contracts. The owner saved often for years, to repair your roof for example or to make other necessary measures to maintain their House, their livelihoods and suddenly they had 50,000 euro Debt are in their land, in a House which perhaps had 20,000 euro – market value so that not even the sale could save people before the debt.

The debt and interest, it was not enough, the residents had to wear running costs after the forced modernisation measures, he had not and that were unaffordable for many. Running costs were also not only of consumption, but there is a fee at all always to pay, it didn’t matter whether they consumed something or not. How could there be a fee if the residents had already paid but the additions, the plants? So was paid here three times, once for the construction of the Canal and the plant, even make sure that you had to use it (fee) and even how much water and waste water actually flowed. The example of the bathtub that shows well, you paid the water (Central drinking water connection compulsion), then electricity, gas or oil to the water to warm and at the end once again for the wastewater (Central Waste water connection pressure).