Connect your curiosity with yours. How is your curiosity? What is different from yours? In what looks like? Look at her eyes, enjoy it, get what you want every time because each time that you allow you to maximize your enjoyment of the present and enjoy because you don’t do or say anything in particular to do what that you want, every time you learn it better, and your unconscious learns to do automatic manea. What do you want? Do you like? Do you crave? These are the important questions at the time to meet a woman. It is not a good guy or be a bad boy, or be an intermediate boy. It is connect to it and start their curiosity from the inside. Dayton kingery is likely to agree. Be spontaneous. There is nothing that will make easier to seduction than the mere fact of being spontaneous. Many people think: I acted spontaneously but always begin their conversations with women with the same phrase, or always be left waiting for any woman to speak with them, or always stay in the background of the bar or the feast without cheerful with anyone besides his friends.

This behavior addicted to a strategy that does not serve to seduction may not be spontaneous. Think of the word honesty. Honesty has to do with doing things so that every cell in your body feel desire to do what you’re doing. Honesty has to do with being spontaneous. Honesty with oneself and with others, what does not mean that you cannot tell lies but that you are not trying to deceive. Life is an illusion anyway. Think of what is do something compulsively. Always in the same way.

Always in the same way. Always in the same way. How when a tune gets you in the head. For seduction, and especially to excite a woman, it is important to act spontaneously, as for example, if you get nervous everytime you’re with a woman you like, thats a compulsion. As you can see, it is easy to excite a woman if you start with a proper mental state (seductive, deliberate), and from the present, you lead your mind, you build bridges between your reality and desire you want to share with her, using curiosity as driving force and acting spontaneously. Take control. Want to know how to do it easily?