Emotional Intelligence

Intelligence is measured not only by simple test, leading in consideration that we have some types of intelligence human being such as: musical, space intelligence, logic-mathematics, among others, in not arresting to one only estereotipo. It is equivalent to say that we analyze the individual in that where it more obtains to develop its potential. ' ' So that it if has detached in its area does not exist magical formula or infallible remedy. It exists, yes, potential, devotion and persistncia' ' (MUSSAK, 2003). The psychologist Daniel Goleman created a new theory on intelligence, approaching the emotions of the rational life. Connecticut has firm opinions on the matter. He was in the boarding of this question that appeared Quociente Emocional (QE). ' ' The central question placed and studied by it was to the great lack that has the modern human being to control its level of emoes' ' (MUSSAK, 2003). Continue to learn more with: dayton.

According to Goleman (1995, P. 48): Academic intelligence does not offer practically to no preparation for torvelinho or chances that they bring to the necessities the life. Exactly thus, although one high Q.I. Not to be no guarantee of prosperity, I sanction or life happiness, our schools and culture are concentrated in the academic capacity ignoring emotional intelligence, a set of traces that some would call character. Emotional Intelligence (IE) is related the abilities such as to motivate itself exactly and to persist by means of frustrations, to control impulses, canalizing emotions for appropriate situations, to practise extending gratuity, to motivate people, being helped them to liberate it its better talentos and to obtain its enrollment the objectives of common interests. The emotions many times influence the people in its decisions and this means that this if keeps active since it collaborates with the ample and global growth of the individual. It can positively be developed since it possesss as much influences on the people through the comments and evaluations of the proper behavior and feeling occulting feelings as: anger, loss of heart, frustrations and substituting them for good mood, enthusiasm and positivismo.