Francisco Yanez

It places it in a transparent, like a canning jar, or a glass container, and cover the top with a glass. Flea jumps with all their forces trying to escape, but is slowly seeing that their efforts are futile and that with each jump gets hurt. So it stops jump high and begins to give smaller jumps. After a week of training, its biggest jump will be only 5 centimeters, and will never jump higher. No matter to remove the glass, or even that the kicks of its jar, because that insect that is the flea, able to jump normally up 1.68 meters, will pop up only 5 centimeters barriers that stop us in life to succeed are the barriers of our thoughts what are your beliefs? Is that I don’t have rich parents, I have no opportunities, is that my country is the Government.

We will always find a justification to not skip. Thinking that you things always have been the case and that cannot be changed. Absurd limitations that limit our potential are those that nest in beliefs. If you think that these expired thing, but if you think that you can win most certainly will do it. Remember you are what you think and what you think now is in what transformaras you tomorrow. If you’ve tried to reach a goal and not get it, change the way, strategy, methodology.

But never stop trying. A flea amaestrada, continues being able jump 168 centimeters, possesses the ability to do it but dares not because he has learned that trying is equal to failure, to do harm because it has long been stuck in a glass jar. You can be less than a meter from achieving your dreams and possibly want to leave it for the pressures of the environment. Keep up with faith in your mind and strength in your heart. That only those who have the ability to withstand the adversities, reap in abundance.