– He wants that I show who to you I have superior level? A hand caught the arm of Miguel. – Miguel my beloved Miguel We go, frees the principality we have things but important to treat. It very knew that voice well, and that calm and calm energy-spiritual. – You have reason ….. Raphael. One arcanjo as well as it and Gabriel Raphael was known for being a sufficiently calm and calm being.

Different of Miguel who was very esquentado. – Then and truth.Gabriel was defeated by Samael. The illustrious Angel of long cacheados hair said that it fall until the shoulders with a notable sadness in the voice. – Yes, but he has a truth on all this fight Samael was forced to use ' ' that magic proibida' '. Raphael noticed that Miguel wanted to share that with people of its but entire confidence. – We go I convoked the others we want to know what it happened.

Miguel then apanhou the body of Gabriel of the soil, and looked at but a time for the center of the room where rested calm the body of Alaiziel. – Rapha. I want that you make me a favor.it is seeing that boy was a hero and wants that it is recognized as such. Raphael looked at then for Alaiziel and its eyes if they had fulled of tears – How many more …… how many more they will have that to die pra that the hatred of Samael is satisfied? Then Raphael loaded the body of Alaiziel of the soil. its long blond hair pairavam in air while the weak breeze of the morning blew. – We go Miguel we have much what to talk. Then the two they had started to walk had left what it sobrou of the central palace When they had arrived at the garden north turn the result the hatred of Samael.