Mrs Kessler

And they succeed. What action would make success en, an action he-follows. Or otherwise described: it succeeds it, what them after an action, active action succeeds also like how they have imagined it or desired (for the benefit of all parties involved). For those who still did not take the step in the direction of change, there is the possibility to deal. Coach and Advisor to offer the growing interest in the personal orientation and the further development and the increasing demand for seminars and workshops for their target group, to go out on a day out of the daily routine and to take a break. The content of the life is set up so that on the basis of many practical exercises, tasks, alone or in a group, subject or subjects can edit the Personliche(s) balance and mental training.

Each participant can practice, declutter, look at his previous goals, and learn to align themselves after new. Participants learn based on cognitive behavioural training successful thoughts on programming and using techniques from the neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) the personally important life goals the own thoughts more and more into action, and so in reality, to implement. In exercises (individually or in a group) such as the wheel of life, imaginations, and target definitions, among other things, participants start to clear out their previous goals. They learn their current beliefs and practices know practice to formulate your goals correctly and as anchor, that she outsprinted them and it also just be. These practices come partly from the mental training, NLP, cognitive behavioural training among other things and be strengthened through exercises. Mrs Kessler, consultant, coach and trainer of passion, made aware of their clients and seminar participants for the respective topics in their life. You this sensitively supports the process of change of the individual, and accompanied their seminar participants after the end of the seminar, if desired. Contact: Coaching for a better life on the sawmill 13 68526 Ladenburg