New York

And an excrement! They could not feel what I felt. You may find that NYCFC can contribute to your knowledge. I that I had shared my illusions with him and he his with me, who we had laughed together and who we had made the love really, giving ours love, feeling to grow our love. We who we hoped to marry and to found a family and to have many children to ours around How they went to to accompany me in the feeling, in mine, not in his, those faces momentarily compungidas? Don Pedro, its father, had refused to be present. When I went to give him a kiss to its said me office that it could not support the idea that there was lost his son, to his unique son, to whom could have perpetuated his last name. We cry together. you do not know to anything reproached the doctors you do not know anything. Don Jose did not know anything, in Madrid did not know anything, in New York did not know to anything Will know you someday? interrogated to me fixedly watching to me, drilling my eyes, entering itched my feelings. I did not doubt it.

Yes, Don Pedro. I will know. Soon the Undertaker came from the House of Mercy they took and it to the deposit of Derio and we left there it, with other companions of death, the same dead promotion, until the following day. You cannot be imagined the ttrica that is the room, of stone undresses and humid, and how the metallic door resonates when it is closed. Who said that one of: God mine, what single remains the deads! ? – Gustavo Adolph Bcquer I said as if there was been in the school or in the television program Basket and Points Is one of its rhymes. – Yes. How single, although is so many ! – choir added. Aurora retook its monologue.

– And ? asked Choir. – I gave two kisses them each and, on foot, I left the cemetery to take the bus to Bilbao. It had finished, for me, my relation with the Astondo family Or Connor. I did not want to be the one that was fianc2ee of Josemari did not have sense. Mortgages your future. You cannot be, all your life, crying what it was not. A funeral paid attention to the parish for this day of today. I feel I said to Ana to It I must return to the hospital. To escape, needed to escape of dead Josemari and the family of dead Josemari. I will keep it alive in my heart. Alive and it warms up. Ana said to me here that she would command to me, to Madrid, some things mine who kept Josemari. Haz which you want I responded to him with affection. Ana is a good woman and she wants much to me. It seemed that Aurora was suspended in a memory. It moved the head, driving away something. Choir and I in a respectful silence. It exclaimed suddenly: – And you? asked to me – Your examination? – Approved – Congratulations! She was sure you would obtain that it, empolln! One rose and it connected to me with his arms to dedicate a warm kiss to me in the lips. Choir said Ejem! and is that Aurora, still with ring under the eye violceas, were much Aurora.